Crucial champion ladder game s23 not registerered at all to team!

Hey there Cyanide. I just finished playing a game with my underworld team Warpstone Warpheads. I finished 4-0 against a chaos team, having done many casualties to him, for a total of 22spp to the whole team. However the game has not registered at all!!! No spp, no money gains, and ofc not the crucial +1 win. I really hope this can be remedied immediatly as I am well placed with the team, and I had level ups on both my troll and blitzer!0_1555567523309_bb2 victory.jpg

It took a long time for the loading screen to finish when the last turn was played so I took a screenshot proving the exsistence of the game.

Please I hope to hear from you asap as I really need those spp and winnings to stay competitive with the team.

Was this ever resolved? I've had it happen a couple of times when I've been really proud of a win and it just doesn't register somehow.

Also- Just had a game start up and I was stuck looking at the pitch- never made it to the coin toss. I tried logging out and back in to re-join the game but it was just automatically deemed a concede? I don't get it sometimes. Really kills the fun for me.