Crucial Champion Ladder game not registrered for no apparent reason!

Hey there Cyanide.

I just finished playing a game with my Underworld team Warpstone Warpheads in the champion ladder for season 23.
I finished 4-0 victory against a chaos team, with several casualties as well for a net gain of 22 spp on the team.

But nothing was registrered! No spp, no gold, and no victory added. I hope this can be remedied asap as I had 2 level ups on 2 positionals plus the victory is ofc important.

Please hope to get help soon.

  • Sincerely, Dhorgar

Hi dear

In my experience it happens some few times every Season. It’s rare but it happens and there’s little that can be done.

But I am not admin. Just sharing my experience.