Known Issues - Updated 14/05/2019

Haven't been able to connect to online servers once since I bought the game!!!

never can lanuch the game.....

my GT is Nesquikscopes on Xbox, if you choose to start with the Ark then you don’t get any progress when you use it throughout the game

hello i am experiencing a problem, i bought this yesterday and spent all night installing it, when i want to play this morning, i go to a quick match, find a lobby, the counter begins, i choose character and class, it then says starting game, then i get sent back to main menu, has happened every time i try, really not happy and thinking about refunding before my 2hrs are done doing nothing.

i'm on pc - immediate crashes. another broken game on launch... such satisfaction, many surprise.
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"Patch is on its way" ETR? Its been 3 days and I have not been able to play. I just send in Crash dump reports repeatedly. I understand alot of folks are having issues but not being able to play at all should have been a day 1 priority no?

Can we add, "Game still will not launch for PC"?

PLAYSTATION TROPHIES ARE BUGGED!! They don't unlock when you complete the necessary criteria.

Played for 6 hours today on ps4. Sitting at the main menu I closed app. Came back 2 hours later and dropped from rank 34 to 22. Lost over 2000 of ingame currency, and lost my maxed out Assassin class in pvp.

Still can't join or invite on ps4 after 1.0.2 this is sad

Ive been playing offline with bots mostly, to avoid all the current issues. I noticed today the AI bots wont revive me during a swarm, in jerusalem defending Greengold's house, i went out to get a screamer, a lurker jumped on me, none of my team would move, until i died, then when help came it was 1 bot, lurker got them, no one would move until they died, by then i bled out and mission failed because i was solo. It happened a second time, but i cant remember where i was. Ive also had one Bot just stop, wont move. Even if i let them die, they respawn & wont move, for the rest of the mission. Thats happened twice today. First time I saw those problems was today.

I just downloaded the patch and my game is STILL crashing to desktop. I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, not AMD.

PlayStation 4 Trophies are bugged! "The floor is lava" and "The most effective way" are a couple that do not work properly

Xbox achievments are crashed!!! I cant get no one...fix it, thanks! Great game!

I forgot to mention Im on a ps4. But i just had the bot glitch happen again. It seems like once they get really low on health, like around 5% thats it, theyre done, they wont move again the rest of the mission. Doesnt matter if i heal them, let them die & respawn, doesnt matter. I even passed a checkpoint & it will pull them to you, but they wont take another step.


PC Specs

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Threadripper 1950x 3.4ghz [not oc]
GTX 1070, EVGA FTW Hybrid Gaming [not oc]
32gbs G.SKill f4 DDR4 3200 [not oc]
HP s700 120gb SSD
Samsung 850evo 500 gb SSD
WD Black 5tb HDD

Seagate Barracuda 8tb HDD [this is where World War Z is installed]

I've made sure Windows 10 is up to date.
The same thing with my Nvidia Drivers.
I've restarted my PC more than 3 times.
Tried to play the game online with 1 time luck only to be booted out by the server and never able to join any games.
When changing the video settings and hitting the apply button, it just freezes up the whole screen.
Always black loading screen, game never loading after the 1 time luck.
Got to play solo offline once and never able to play again.
All settings were on high during that 1 time solo offline play and the graphics looked like I set them to low settings.
May be my computer sucks?

@ccw1978 I have the exact same issue with you. Everytime i close off the game my progress gets lost. I had 2 long gaming sessions with the game with my friends and loved every minute of it but it draws me back of replaying now since i fear my progress will get lost again.

I am on PS4 and everytime I am everytime i close the game and reopen it all my progress is lost. Back to level 1 on all my classes except gunslinger class that always goes back to level 3. Please fix this now as I love the game and i want to play again but dont want to loss again my progress.

Hi, im stuck on lobby, after i choose ready, coutdown started, but thats it,nothing happen, i tried to cancel ready and press ready again, the countdown started till zero, and nothing happen, the game wont start, NEED HELP😭🙏

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