Known Issues - Updated 27/05/2019

Hello, Survivors!

This is a list of known issues that we are working on sorting out right now. We will update this as they get fixed. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are our priority. Thank you so much for your patience. A patch is on the way!


  • In some rare cases players will see "Server: Offline". If you have that problem, please send a message to staff.
  • There are some keybinding issues.
  • Some people are unable to see their friends on the friends list / Unable to invite friends to the game.
  • Some players lose their progress after a game crash.
    If this is happening to you, please send us your corrupted save in a new thread here on the forums, this will help us out a lot. To be safe, back up a copy of everything in your save folder in a different location. Your saves are located here: \AppData\Local\Saber\WWZ\client\storage
    Appdata is a hidden folder located in your User folder.
    - The game always freezes when using "<" symbol in chat.
    - Default DirectX 11 swtiches to Vulkan automatically.
    - Some players experience a game crash on launch.


  • Some players are experiencing crashes, specifically on PS4 Pro.
  • After the "Defeat" screen, some players see the game screen for some time instead of being returned to the lobby.
    - Some players experience a game crash that sometimes removes progress.
    - Lobo Pack Pre-order bonus is locked (these players will get the pack very soon)
    - People can only play with players of same region (region lock)
    - Game sometimes disconnects at the end of some missions.
    - Some trophies are not being acquired for certain players.


  • Some players are unable to progress their mission due to Greengold being stuck.
  • The wrong player level is sometimes displayed on the scoreboard.
  • Some bugs in geometry (i.e. walls you can walk through.)
  • Sometimes players can see a zombie that can't be killed and stands still.
    - Some players are unable to receive weapon XP.
    - Some players can't get all the weapons from Pre-order Lobo Pack.
    - Some players can't progress the "Key to the City" mission after the "Protect Search Team" objective.
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Am on PS4 even time I turn the game off and go back into the game all my upgrades and class are reset back to zero.

Im on xbox and progress is being reset

My friends and I have been trying to play on ps4 with more than just two of us since launch and we have this issue where one of us can join everyone, yet no one can join them and everyone else can’t join anyone. We are all in the same region so if you could get this fixed that would be great. Thank you for your time 😀

Help me on ps 4 plz . I can connect to server and find match online but cannot start a game . Sometime it put me to play with bots after loading

Hey @Dragonsbane089 and @Yurirtzvnz,

Can you download the latest patch and see if the issue is still there?

On PC, Lobo Pack still locked.

I got to level 12 the first time, gave me an error code, when I restarted everything was reset to level 1. I made a post and they told me that it would not be successful again. Well, I played, I got to level 30. Today I made the update and I'm level 1! It is not possible. You have to get me back to my level. otherwise it really doesn't make sense to keep playing this way. My id on the ps4 is ivancrazy2

any news on a PC hotfix soon ? would love to know an rough eta, really wana play this game with my friends on the weekend but can't even launch the game, and none of the nvidia fixes work for me.

Please fix the region lock. I bought the game with a friend who lives in another country and we really want to play together. Thanks

My game crashes on launch on PC

@chaton alright I’ll test it when I get a chance.

For PC issues and PS4 progress loss, the team is working on a fix now! We'll release a hotfix as soon as possoble. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the patience.

@chaton updated 1.02 And it working now . Thank for help

My game stuck in loading screen after finish a chapter or I want to exit to the main menu will also stuck at there(not responding), help me fix this thx, btw mine is PC

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Why gold weapon skins are only used for specific weapons?
We really want to use it to all weapons in the game
I think this game needs weapon skin and character skin system even if it was root box system.

@weng Can you give me your ping when playing the game? Do you play with cable or Wifi, please?

Hello I play on Xbox one. I am having way more issues then listed under Xbox. Every mission one or more person in our party of four games crashes. It wouldn't be that big of deal but then it thorws a random in with us before the person that got connected can rejoin. It keeps crashing at the same about of time into a mission. I understand it's a new game and there will be bugs and over all it's a great game. Thank you

@Lenny-da-kid I'll pass this on to the team.
@Pumpinfrye Can you tell us when exactly the game crashed, please?