Known Issues - Updated 27/05/2019

I PS4 pro . Game crashes on old museum every Second time during landing screen (Load game icons)I have to restart the game to even play that map. And when another old museum map pop up my game crashes. Also my game crash during a swarm in some part my game play so plz fix your game

‪My game got corrupted and my saved profile is gone. I’m back to level 1, all of my weapons and classes are back to level 0 and everything I did in the storyline is also gone. Please help!‬

Ok, so whatever the friends list problem is, it most definitely has to do with having a lot of friends and your game not being able to load them in-game when you go to invite. I recently did a purge, removing old friends that I never see or hear from anymore. I went from 80+ to -40 and all of a sudden my friends list works. I'm not sure how this info will help you out, but it's most certainly a memory thing or whatever. however you load the list in game is unable to bare the load of a huge friends list. Thanks for all the awesomeness so far though! Looking forwards to Tokyo: Chapter 3 ☺

Are the Devs considering a way for people that want to play with less than four people because me and my friend bought the game hopping we could just play together without ransoms and just have it filled with Bots.

Effective communication achievement bugged on Xbox. Stuck at 44%

The weapon XP is still bugged on PC windows 10.

I just played 2 levels only with the TMP5 and the gun is still stuck on 300/750 XP for lvl. 5

The hotfix did not work for me or any of my friends, and I stil cant invite my friends. Are you working on a fix to that problem? because it is preventing me from enjoying the game 😞

WWZ XB1X Audio drops, staggering and slowdown. This has been an issue since games release. I have recorded at least 50 or more clips showing issue. Had previously thought game issue but now also system. When background apps etc are manually closed issue is slightly better. Also if reset is performed. Yet after time will get worse. Appears to be a resource issue, memory leak and game optimization issue. Both don't seem to play well with each other

Again this has been the issue since games release. No other games exhibit this behavior.

Get your shit together and release private lobbies already!! I'm surprised all 2 million players haven't shelved this game already because of your team's incompetence.  This game is unplayable because of the overwhelming amount of toxic players!

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People keep leaving a rubber band on their melee button and leaving their controllers on all night in pvp.
There is currently no way to report people who cheat.

There is NO WAY to mute people who Blair music or have a conversation in the background.

People warp 30 feet to get a melee kill. Or hit me when im behind them.

People also abuse the aim assist hard in pvp.

This is a really fun game and fixing these would really make the life of the game longer.

What about p2p or regional servers? I can't play, we bought the game with a couple of friends and when we play together there is HUGE lag. We can't play this game anymore. Fix it or we are going to refund.

Since I bought the game, I only managed to play 3-4 online matches...
Freezing in black screen after I click on start (lobby).

This only happens when I try to play online ._...Offline I play without any problems


Any update on not being able to see friends?

Hey @AVeryTallMiget this should be fixed in our upcoming June 3rd update! 🙂