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Absolutely love WWZ and cannot wait to see what more you bring to it. I can’t believe how beautifully smooth and satisfying the game feels to play, very impressed - it blew me away the moment I began playing 😀

The aim assist is a nice option for campaign for those who prefer it but I’ve noticed issues with it in the PVP modes. When I first played these modes I noticed I was being shot from odd angles and killed seemingly unfairly, until I changed my aim assist to on and also to strong setting. With strong aim assist players can quick shot the ADS to get crackshots continuously, this makes killing players way easier and faster but I think it makes the challenge unfair and unbalanced. It also enables shots that wouldn’t make sense otherwise; through bushes, almost through walls essentially, and at very long distance without any skill or thought required (AA acting as a lock-on when ADS is toggled quickly).

Is there any chance aim assist could be restricted to the campaign mode? As I feel it doesn’t work well with the competitive modes.

Hello @DystopianRain
Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. Would you mind sending me a video of this? Or several screencaps ?
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Hi Raibi

I have some clips from Xbox recordings which I have tried to shorten, however, the file size seems to be still too large to upload. Is there another way to upload them?
Still experiencing quick snap aim shots in games although not quite as frequently, perhaps shooting through trees and some objects was by design? I don't think snap aim should lock to a target you haven't yet noticed though.

@raibi Youtube Video

In my opinion the "Strong" option for aim assist wasn't needed.

The strong aim assist should be removed entirely from pvp.

Is it there to entice players who dont engage in pvp to try it?

The Aim Assist on console is okay...

@raibi I rather they keep the aim assist , PC has a problem with hackers and cheaters that pay for private hacks. With aim assist there is a leveled playing field. Once aim assist is disabled only hackers and cheaters will have the advantage. So please don't disable it. Destiny 2 on PC has aim assist but players also play with mouse and keyboard. So maybe having the option in the menus to disable it for some if they want it.

@Raibi @xeonotrix The problem here is the "Strong" option of the aim assist, not the default one. The "strong" aim assist act like an aim bot and can be abuse in pvp.
the default option for the aim assist is... ok (imo, combine with the clunky sensitivity, it feels weird. The reticule slows a little too much when close to an enemy, which makes the adjustments on a moving target difficult and frustrating)

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well i have been playing on default settings if that is strong then to me its ok, plenty of players are playing.

Tried it on PC and I agree... strong aim assist is crazy. Outperforming mouse its that insane.

Strong option needs to be removed from game, at least in pvp. Not tested the weaker version but I can tell you strong is too good for pvp.

@xeonotrix No, default is default aim assist. There is a stronger mode.

@vektor-noirsang totally agree, normal aim assist doesn’t feel like a cheat, strong most definitely does. Strong also can be used for unrealistic shots I.e. toggle ADS on/off near bushes and walls in the direction of an enemy (radar) and you’ll see it show a red reticle which allows a shot at someone you can’t actually see.

@mdjamie well I’m currently around level 80+ and all I see are level 1-10 players getting ridiculous kill streaks moving about like nutters toggling ADS. It’s putting exploiters on par with those who have put in the time and gained skill with the game.

Recently maxed the sniper class as a challenge since the aim assist doesn’t really help with it. Really fun! Highly suggest it.

Keep aim assist!
If there is a problem with it, don’t use it! I personally enjoy it.

@wn100804 the problem IS others using it

@dystopianrain said in Aim assist in PVP:

@wn100804 the problem IS others using it

Everyone can use it... so there is no problem

looks at his keyboard and mouse

alt text

@cloudmcrip said in Aim assist in PVP:

If people don't want that then their is a problem. Why else would this be posted.

Guess your needs goes above others it seems 😉

@dieboard said in Aim assist in PVP:

@cloudmcrip said in Aim assist in PVP:

Guess your needs goes above others it seems 😉

People want it...
please don't get personal like a child and cry elsewhere. 😉

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