So I'm Thinking about a slight twist on Bloodbowl and adapting the background to the age of Sigmar.

This is the background piece I've come up with for a potential x box league.

So, decided to expand on the background for the league concept I had. Blood Bowl set in the Mortal Realms setting, after the End Times.
Again having read the concept is it something you would be interested to play or is the idea dead.?

Mortal Realms Blood Bowl League

The World that Was, drifting aimlessly through the cosmos, legend would have us say that it was discovered by Dracothian, some would call it a miracle, or even sheer luck for the events that unfolded. However the truth is somewhat less well known, it was, is and forever will be, the Greatest Hail Mary play in the history of Blood Bowl and the direct hand of Nuffle

The World that was, was not totally desolated, assorted Detritus, rare and magical items were discovered, the Great Bell of Altdorf Cathedral, The Books of Nagash, The Grail of Brettonia and the Spike Magazine Trophy .

While the Gods of Sigmars Pantheon saw many Great cities and Empires rise and fall, through it all, Nuffles sacred sport thrived and reclaimed its place in the Mortal Realms. Cities, Tribes and Barbarians all across the Realms, competed in Nuffles blessed game.

The origin of the All Realms Blood Bowl Tournament is lost to time. Although the legend states that during a particurlay stubborn Disagreement, the rulers of the Realms decided to settle the matter on the Gridiron. The Mortal Realms each hold their own competition, and the finest team from each realm progressed on to a great Competition, for the greatest prize of the World that Was, The Blood Bowl, somehow miraculously intact retrieved from the World that Was.

From that day on the every 5 years the competion was held, with the champions of the Mortal Realms competing for Nuffles highest prize. That wasnt to say other competions were not held, The Realm Bowl, The Shadow Chalice, The Aqshy Firebowl were all notable competitions that rose.

The Age of Chaos however almost killed off the sport, the Bloodbowl, of course the game was still played, but the local tournaments, persisted, but were rather limited affairs, and were typically overwhelmed by a number of Chaos teams, as they conquered not only the Realms themselves but also their stadiums.

As the Age of Chaos receeded and the Age of Sigmar began, it wasnt long before those surviving civilisations once again started to explore the REalms and compete once again, although much was lost and at present the Great teams of history had either been slaughtered or folded into administration, the competition is open and once again many teams looking to cement a legacy are looking to establih themselves.

Jim: And welcome back Bloodbowl fans, its been positively an age since we last brought you some serious Bloodbowl news.
Bob: Yes Jim, its exciting news isnt it. The Blood Bowl is back!
Jim: Indeed it is, the great display of athletics and skill is once again returning, and teams are looking to compete, although the tournament looks a bit different these days.
Bob: Indeed it does... But i dont care, i get to see some proper fataities, not these zoggin little competitions, its just not been the same.
Jim: Would you like to go through the competition format Bob?
Bob: No.. you do the rules bit, I do the bashing talk, thats the agreement, its in my contract.
Jim sigh Very well Bob.... The Mortal Realms are are all organising a local competition, with the very best team from each of the competions proceeding onto a knock out competition for the Grand Prize... The Bloodbowl!
Bob: Sounds good Jim...
Jim: Indeed it does. The teams themselves all pledge to compete for in one of the 8 Great Realms, that team then plays against the other Realm teams with the home to obtain that top spot and get an invitation to the Bloodbowl.
Bob: So what teams we got Jim?
Jim: To be honest... ive no idea, given how recently how all this is being formed, were still awaiting on confrmed entrants. But competition is hotting up between the Realms...
Bob: I hear Nagash is offering a prize of immortality for any team that represents Shyish and brings the Bloodbowl back to the Realm of Death.
Jim: Thats a nice little incentive for any would be competitor, for now the Realms are all constructing their stadiums, the teams are registering, and the All Realms Blood Bowl Association are organising the local tournaments.. Exciting stuff.
Bob: Im just excited I get to legally watch some maiming again.
Jim: Arent we all Bob. And thats all from us.. Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford wishing you all a good a Goodnight.