WWZ DLC: Community Suggestions!

Hello Survivors!

I wanted to take the opportunity to create a post in which everyone may have a voice of what type of DLC they want to see in WWZ.

The goal is for the Dev's to see this so they can grasp a better sense of what type of content the community really wants to see in the future.

Let's make this game great, #OutLivetheDead!

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I think what would add more depth successfully is having Weapon and Survivor skins.

I think this would add a fun factor of the game. Such as full Firefight suit Tashaun, Desert Storm Daniel, and of course we need Battle Priest Sergei.

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1 - Better swarms. Swarms (even on insane) are too easy to beat, they say shoot the base of a pyramid to knock it down, if you shoot the few dude climbing up on top, they fall, everyone else falls.


  • Throw a lot more special zombies into the mix, their is a few that appear but not enough to make you panic.

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes for the swarms to knock down fences and gates, you have to completely ignore the swarm for them to knock the fences down.

2 - More special zombies/Buff the special zombies. Right now they are a joke, when the Bull rushes you hide behind something. when he hits it run behind him , Boom, Boom, two melee hits he's dead. 0_0.



Screamers don't really attract any more zombies that what appear!

  • Have it so that we cant see screamers automatically, we actually have to find them.

  • whilst we are searching for them swarms are either doubled or tripled in size. and a load more special zombies appear until the screamer is dealt with.

Gas bags

One head shot and they are dead. pretty much sums them up which sucks.

  • Have it so when you shoot Gas bags, they start to leak clouds of gas behind them making it a long trail that has been left behind.

  • Increase their health or even add a helmet under their suit so that they can withstand more than just a single headshot.


Lurkers are to easy.

  • change up where they can be, it would be interesting to see them on roofs and jumping out of vents at survivors as they walk past.

  • increase their damage and health a little bit.

  • To keep the players aware of lurkers, if you added more Skin types to the lurkers so they all are not topless zombies, if they had clothes on and could blend in with the regular zombies, and when you think your ok because the zombies look regular, BAM! lurker pounces on the closest survivor!


Bulls are too Easy to be considered the most dangerous special zombie, I panic more when I see gas bags than bulls.

  • Give bulls more damage and aggression.

  • change up their armour so that bullets to the front do next to no damage, the only way to damage them is to either break the visor on the helmet (that needs a major buff) or attack them via the back/sides.

3 - Weapon prestige type system.

I've already got most of the guns to max level, so it have a prestige type of system with different skins that show that you have a gun to a specific level would be cool.

4 - Manual weapon customization.

Its cool that the two levels are their and it shows what type of modifications you can get depending on what gun you select and choose, but it would be good if we got to choose what mods to have on our guns, different sights, laser lights, flash lights, muzzle breaks, silencers all that.

5 - Survivor skins

Having events in the game that allow you to get survivor skins would be cool. just to keep things fresh and interesting.

6 - Base defence mode

To make full use of the swarm mode and keep the game intense, a Base defence mode would be great.

You can use all survivors in the game on the mode. in the mode you will have air drops that help with defences that will break (fences and barbed wire) and defences that run out of ammo (HMG and Mortars). the rewards could be skins for guns or survivors, special mods for specific guns. to keep things interesting you could have quite a large map and you could get distress calls from other survivors (NPCS) that require help, when you finish helping them they give rewards. All that good jazz!

7 - More Classes/Expanding Current Class Trees/Focusing Current Class Trees/Changing Some Classes

Right now the classes skills are all over the shop, I don't know how to explain it fully but if you look at all the classes from level 1 though to level 30. most of the skills they have, have nothing to do with what the class is, the only exception being the slasher class. EXAMPLE look at the medic tree, the first 9 skills are all to do with medical stuff. after that it all spirals down to you kills zombies to HOPFULLY get some items back. Whaaa!

One new class idea me and a friend came up with


Primary - Riot Shield (can be put on back)
Secondary - Machine Pistol
Melee - Baton/Shield Bash (if shield is on back Melee is like it is now, if the shield is in hand, you shove forward stumbling the Zed's and maybe later levels knocking them over)

8 - More guns/Melee weapons

Nuff said

9 - Skills trees for the special weapons/Defence kits (HMG/Mortar)

The special weapons are cool but it would be nice to have like a small level up tree with them to make them slightly better and more effective on harder difficulties. ATM I completely ignore the special weapons.

For the defence kits (HMG/Mortar) it would be nice to either have more ammo better accuracy ECT. and that they come with their own skill trees, so that you can get more ammo, better accuracy.

10 - Zombie corpses

This might be very hard to do, but it would make the game way more interesting, it would be awesome if once a zombie dies, it becomes a static object in the world, even if it means making the corpses look less detailed, it would be cool, because during swarms when killing the pyramids, having the zombies stack up as static objects that can be climbed on and over, will make it way more tense, and increase the threat level of swarms, to the point where they wont need to climb over a fence when they can scramble over a pile of dead Zed's to get to you. Would be Dope!

  1. More Weapons
  2. More Weapon attachments
  3. More special abilities for each class
  4. More maps
  5. More gamemodes
  6. Character items(clothes, t-shirts, pants, hats, glasses etc.)
  7. Weapon skins
  8. Player Badges

this game has huge potential but is lacking in content

Hello, I would like to see a zombie mode against players in the form of the last bosses, for example, players also choose a plot and play it, while other players choose 4 different kinds of dangerous zombies and play against this player on this map, I think it would be very cool to combine pvp and pve in the passage of missions. I would also like to see further pumping of my character: character style, paint on weapons, emotions, and so on. thank

Note: long post

Well, since the campaign its had only 4 episodes but it needs to be expanded. And also new weapons as well as new special zombies

But let's add it but just an only DLC related idea

Episode 5 - Philippines (Set in fictional Subic bay city)

As the aircraft carrier got away for search for safety, but the survivors had desperate plan but it must to fight the walking dead and escape the chaos within, now the four must found the fully restored and working world war 2 era Japanese submarine in a abandoned harbour at Subic bay in order to follow the aircraft carrier before its too late.

Episode 6 - Germany

as with undead roam the streets of Berlin, the strong typhoon got hit drastically the country, now the survivors must face the Death from below the bloody floodwaters of due the continuous heavy rains from the typhoon. Now a last rescue Helicopter is waiting from the TV Station is awaiting for them.

Episode 7 - Ukraine

One desperate mission is given to the survivors and must find the former soviet scientist and take a dangerous trip to the exclusion zone to find the cold war era weapon that may hold the key for their survival.


Trapper - a survivor had got skills to test an something nasty for zombies by throwing or deploying noisy pipebombs at them and ability to detect enemy turrets and mines

  • Trappers can capture an enemy automatic turrets faster than others
  • can remove claymores safety without creating a explosion
  • can carry 2 defense kits at the time

Special zombies

Undead Muscle - a heavily mutated zombie had massive muscle growth enough to throw large objects.

Bomber - a zombified army officer with 2 claymores (back and front) and a grenade in his hand that has ability to do a suicide attack towards to players.


Punks - Crazy but psychopath human enemies with guns, shooting randomly at zombies and players alike.

Enemy military soldiers - same as punks, but in military uniforms.


Tier 1

gangster machine pistol - (tec 9)
Hunting rifle - (M700 with wood stock)
Pocket Revolver - (S&W bodyguard)
Vintage Automatic Carbine (M2 Carbine)
Olympic OU (Beretta diamond pigeon)
Scoped Hunting carbine (Dragunov tigir .308)
Automatic rifle (AK-74 with Bakelite magazine)
Nail gun

Tier 2

LSW (L86 with large m4 magazine)
Target SLR (Converted Saiga 308)
Police bolt action Rifle (M40A2)
The six shooter (M29 S&W 4 inch barrel)
Target pistol (PMR 30)
Guerrilla Rifle (FN FAL)
Burst Shot rifle (M16A2)
Bullpup carbine (AUG A1)
Magnum pistol (Desert eagle)

Tier 3

Light Machine gun (RPK with 45 round mag)
Compact Machine pistol (Steyr TMP)
Anti materiel rifle (AR-50)
Counter sniping rifle (M200 chey tac)
Advanced Sniper rifle (HK G28)
Tactical Slug shotgun (SPAS 12 in pump action mode)
Military auto shotgun (Benelli M4)
Advanced Hunting Revolver (Raging bull)

melee weapons

Baseball bat
Fire axe
Golf club
Cricket paddle bat
Dual police batons
Lead pipe


  • Super Revolver (M500 S&W with explosive rounds)
  • Minigun (M134 Gatling)
  • Flamethrower
  • Assault SMG (PP-19 bizon)
  • Heavy assault rifle (Romanian AIMS with 100 round drum) but more lighter weight than the machine gun
  • Anti - Tank grenade - (makeshift AT grenade made out of broken broom handle and duct taped grenades)

Defense kits

Spike carpet - a mat or carpet filled with thumbtacks , push pins , and nails that slows down and damages undead

Stationary automatic grenade launcher - 20
Rounds capacity if you want a more kaboom than your little one shot or the throwaway six round GL

Flame Turret - Molotov cocktails are not ok enough for exterminators

Zombie bait - a mannequin with a fake gun and stuffed with meat and human blood. Then followed by a big explosion afterwards.

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I would like to see more open maps. Way to claustrophobic corridor-ish now.
Maybe a larger forest or jungle or maybe the highlands up north in Great britain.

Hey everyone! Thank you @RealnGame, it's a great idea and thread!
I will be checking your posts regularly and keep the teams updated on all your suggestions 😄

@Raibi Thank you, we all have hopes that you guys will make this game great!

Oh! More future content thoughts:

  • Gameplay Idea: It would be great to see a statistics page in the main menu. We see our performance at the end, but it would be pretty awesome data to see our overall stats. It'd be nice to know I've reached 1 million zeke slayings, or that I've taken over 9000 damage... LOL

  • Weapon Idea: Duel Pistols 🙂

  • Character/Class Idea: A hunter class preferably Dog included, idk how this would be done, but it'd be awesome if the dog was a scout that could indicate chests and/or special zekes. Dog suggestion: German Shepard, Bulldog, or Chihuahua. lol but seriously 🙂

  • Character/Class Idea: Emotes, since it's 3rd person. it'd be cool to do like points, laughs, and etc. I understand this might be hard because you'd have to do more voice lines, and animation, but this would be awesome.

  • Episode idea: Abandoned Hospital map, start and then escape into some eerie woods?

  • Episode Idea: Washington DC, White House "save the president", or escape the white house; though unfortunately in the movie we know the president is dead and the couple cabinet members missing.

  • Holiday Events: Theme skins or zekes. E.g. Halloween swarms are skeletons, bulls are jack o lanterns, screamers are scarecrows, and gasbags are ghouls along with themed costumes/weapon skins.

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Multiplayer mode where u can be special zombies during ppls co ops

probably more maps, maybe give the community the ability to create maps like L4D, its what keeps that community alive even now after all these years.

Currently we have to hold down the right mouse button to aim very hand fatigue

Please add "toggle" setting to use aim with gun

First off hands down the best zombie video game out to date.💯💯

Can we get more maps from a DLC? Maybe add in a few more major cities or countries like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Europe, United Kingdom..

At the end of each map or level give us more exp token/coin to let us be able to upgrade character skill trees and or weapon trees.

Customized weapon attachments or clothing would be nice.

Other than that, you guy's made a great game thank you!

This post is deleted!

Necessary Additions:

Unlockable or purchasable it doesn't matter.

Boss Zombie
Future chapters need a boss zombie that takes the whole team to take down.

Private Lobbies
Allow playing with friends without randoms joining.

Other Additions:

Allow classes to level further than 30 even if no additional skills.

Zombies versus Survivors

developers kit so the community can start making their own maps/missions/mods etc etc. thats what gave me a few hundred more hours of gameplay on the L4D series

  • additional maps.
  • maybe more special infected? like a boss super zombie
  • survivors and weapons skins
  • the ability to create custom maps would be a dream really
  • private lobbies
  • maybe buff the special zombies too a bit

overall i really enjoyed the game but some improvements and addional content will be greatly accepted xD

A lot of good suggestions already.

Endless Mode
I would like to see a Endless mode where you have to defend a base against a increasing wave of Zombies.

  • Supply crates can be dropped from the sky which will contain random things.
  • Each wave maybe gives a points at the end that you can spend on additional perks like more damage, increase HP, reload speed, etc
  • At the very end, players can get extra money to unlock existing classpersk / weapons

More Maps
More maps would be great which include more iconic places, like around London, Eiffel tower Paris, Ikea in Sweden 🙂 etc.

also, the missions are awesome but way too short! they are completed to quickly...would be cool if future missions would be like double the size at least if thats possible 🙂