Detailed feedback, bugs (Xbox One), and suggestions.

Intro: This is going to be a very long read, so bear that in mind, it's a very long and detailed list of feedback, now onto the list below:

1 - Better bots, they're good for the most part, but could you make them pick up first aid kits or do something about that, health management on single player is aweful. Would also be nice if the bots would try harder to run up to and circle around the Bull to kill it faster in the back, sometimes they take WAY TOO LONG to kill the Bull that has me pinned.

2 - Private lobby option to only play with invited players and bots. Self explanatory feature that many were baffled wasn't there on day 1.

3 - Adjust the crouch animation when ADS-ing to make it lower as if you arn't ADS-ing, making it easier for teammate players to shoot over you. I feel like the crouch height when ADS vs. not ADS-ing should not be different, I don't like how they somewhat lean up when you aim, making teammates end up hitting you more if you're in front of them. If you guys could adjust that animation, that would be a huge quality of life change in co-op play for me.

4 - Add more voicelines for all the survivors, the low amount of lines each character has for everything can get annoying sometimes when a survivor says the same line 3 or more times in a row. That would be really nice to change if that's possible.

5 - Allow upgrades for the secondary double barrel shotgun or give it a huge buff, it feels too weak compared to the other shotguns when they're maxed out in upgrades. The secondary revolver and grenade launcher feel fine as is though with no upgrade options.

6 - Add a sprint stamina value/bar on the hud, maybe as a tiny blue bar, I find myself running out frequently out of no where with 0 indication and it just leaves me confused, would be a really nice addition to avoid that confusion and to easily conserve my stamina more when I should do so.

7 - Better voice commands: I use a controller, so it's great that the D-Pad is voice commands, but I'd like to see it heavily improved like how some other games do it instead of being simplified. I'd like holding Up on D-Pad open a wheel, which then you use the right stick to choose which line you want, then release the D-pad to have your character say that line, and add more lines please! Add new ones the player can say such as Thank You, I'm With You, Help Me! (Not the first aid one, literally screaming I need help/backup), and maybe I'm Sorry! if you shoot a teammate by accident. Also please add lines for the survivors when you are pressing the mark button and leaving a marker, maybe have them say "Look over there!" or something like that.

8 - Controller binding for console: I play on Xbox, and wish I could rebind all the buttons/controls into whatever buttons I'd like, it's a little thing yeah, but most developers don't allow this feature on consoles, I would love it if you did it.

9 - Improved performance on the Xbox One: I don't have an Xbox One X yet, and the performance struggles a fair amount for me on the game which makes me a bit sad, I'm sure you guys could optimize the game even more down the road possibly, I just wanted to see if you all knew that the standard Xbox One doesn't run so good on most episodes in terms of a smooth framerate. (At least for me it's pretty bad)

10 - Make it easier to dodge the Bull's charge: I feel cheated out alot of the time when I try to side step out of his way or even hide behind objects or walls, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, could you possibly reduce his strafing while he charges a bit? I'm not saying he should charge in a straight line, but he strafes way too fast to where even at range it's a bit hard to dodge him or he'll curve completely around objects and get me anyway, maybe even add a dodge button so if you're moving in a direction and hold or double tap the crouch button while moving you'll do a quick roll in that direction or something like that, other then that all of your special zombies feel mostly fine.

11 - I love all of your campaigns, but the only one that doesn't settle well with me is the the part in New York where you are forced to go downstairs into the toxic gas and lose health at a very fast rate which is completely unavoidable, no other campaign has a part like that, so I'd either like you guys to remove it, or make the interval you lose health MUCH longer, maybe 2-3x longer, cause your health drains way too fast especially cause you also have the pressure of the zeke's constantly attacking you in the process which is bad enough... Other then that, no complaints for your levels outside of bugs.

12 - Medic class perk buff: There's only one perk in all of the classes/skill tree's that seems a bit bad personally, and that's Second Wind, I'd like you to increase the chance of it to self revive to 100%, and increase the cooldown to 120 seconds, making the perk be in line with the Exterminator version of the perk. Other then that, solid perks in all the trees and classes!

13 - Ability to choose the music: I'm not sure if this could be implemented or not, I love the music in your entire game, but the one little nitpick I don't like is that each song is specific on whatever Episode you are playing, could we have a system where we can choose what song we want on what episode? Jerusalem has my favorite music and I wish I could use that on other episodes such as New York, or vice versa, music is 10/10 in your game, and I just wish I could select what I'd like to listen to instead of it be episode specific!

14 - Option to increase the music volume even further: I feel like the music is often drowned out too much by the other sounds such as gunshots, explosions and survivors talking. I would also like you to either reduce the amount of music volume reduction when a survivor talks or remove that completely, because since the survivors talk on a very frequent basis and are very loud as it is, the music just completely becomes inaudible quite a lot and it makes me sad, as your soundtrack in game is just amazing.

15 - Make future episodes free, add weapon skins/survivor costumes/outfits as paid microtransactions that you can ALSO earn for free. Should be self explanatory, make a system where you can also earn a second type of currency for surviving a mission, and that currency could be used to buy weapon or character skins/outfits, you could make that the microtransaction as well for people who want to buy it sooner or just want to support you as a developer, but don't force microtransactions on players who can't afford it or just want to work hard to earn nice things. This addition will also make it so you can't buy the supplies currency to buy perks and weapon upgrades, as I feel you should not be allowed to pay for a faster leveling up and gaining of perks and weapon upgrades. It's just a thought and suggestion, as I don't see anything regarding how you're going to handle DLC or content in this game yet. I'm sure other people would like this idea too.

16 - Minor thing, when you guys make more episodes, can we please get more episodes for all the survivors we already have in the game? I'm not sure how you're going to do future episodes, having more characters would be cool and all, but I want so much more out of the already existing characters we have, especially cause many of their stories end with a cliffhanger that leaves me wanting more out of them, especially with Tokyo's episode. Please give them more stories/screen time if that's possible!

17 - More controller settings: The controls are pretty good and solid for your game so far, but I'd like to see more settings, such as a Deadzone slider, aim acceleration/smoothing slider, and more aim assist options. I wish I could enable or disable certain parts of the aim assist specifically, instead of it all being generalized with a Stronger, Default, and Off" button, let me choose if I want things like: Rotation, slowdown, auto-aim, etc as seperate options. Other then that, your controls for controllers are really solid in the meantime.

18 - Minor thing: I would like to see the survivors do hand signals/gestures when you use voice commands such as follow me, yes, no, etc. Your game has many great little details in it, and I would love to see a few more if you could spare some time into adding them, also good job on the clothing/hair physics!

19: Light HUD customization: I would like to see the option to change the size/scaling of the HUD, the positioning of many of the HUD elements, etc. Maybe even allow players to change the color of the healthbars, temporary health, etc to whatever they want with color sliders. I love your HUD cause it gives me vibes in simplicity, but I feel like you could take it just a tiny step further in allowing a bit more customization. And yes that includes the option to customize the crosshair, even if it's just simply changing the color of it with color sliders at the very least.

20 - Add a survival/horde mode, I feel like this game would be interesting if you made maps specifically for a "Holdout as long as you can" setting, occasionally a helicopter could drop supplies in between waves for the survivors, so you could keep going without being entirely limited in supplies? It's just some thoughts. If that doesn't happen though that's okay, I'd be perfectly happy if you guys just made ALOT more episodes!

21 - When you guys start making content updates for the game, could you please do something like a developer update video on YouTube? I feel like you guys should seriously do that whenever you're working on big things for the game, to keep the community up to date on everything you're doing, it woulden't take much effort to do that, plus not everyone has a social media, YouTube dev update video's on future content/updates would make it MUCH easier for players to easily access that type of information, the dev update you guys did for making the game was perfect and spot on. I hope to see more dev update video's in the future, possibly.

22 - I'm going to list anything weird I've seen in terms of bugs, keep in mind I play World War Z on the standard Xbox One console:

  • Sometimes NPC characters such as Greengold or that one girl on Moscow get incapacitated inside of area's they hold up in that the player isn't allowed to go inside, it makes reviving them impossible and completely unfair.

  • Game crashes sometimes, usually shortly after the start of any episode is the most frequent crash I get. Sometimes on rare instances I also get a crash when the game is loading the next area in sections that's sort of like a save area before you move on.

  • Sometimes when a Lurker or a Bull pins a survivor, they on rare instances will get dropped off the side of ledges or cliffs, resulting in them dying instantly due to very strange and seemingly broken physics, can't tell if this is intentional, but sometimes I've even fallen straight through the floor and under the map because of this. Happens mostly on New York for me sometimes, and rarely other maps.

  • On Jerusalem: Dead Sea Stroll, when you reach the barricaded fence and kick it down, when the swarm comes in and you hold them off, sometimes a tiny amount of the zeke's run in a perfectly straight line and sink under the floor/map, I usually see it a few times every 2-3 playthroughs.

  • On Moscow: Key to the City, sometimes some of the other survivor NPC's get stuck, I've had them mainly get stuck at the gate at the finale/last hold out area, the gates you can interact with/open/close/unlock, they'd get stuck and only move again if they'd get pinned and then unpinned.

  • Framerate struggles alot primarily on the Tokyo episode and New York episode, and generally just tends to dip a little on every other episode.

  • Oksana's jacket physics sometimes clip through her jeans.

Conclusion: That's pretty much everything for now, I hope the developers read this, many of these things would make the game so much better, I love World War Z so much, and I want to see it do so much better in the long term. Thanks for working so hard on such a great game!

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I agree with most of your points on the game.

1: One thing I would really like to see is a horde/survival mode. Something like Call Of Duty zombies where waves come with larger and larger amount of zombies. This horde mode could be its own unique thing in the game and easter egg missions can be involved by doing certain steps like Call Of Duty, completing these easter eggs could give you cosmetic items. The mode would aslo have it's own unique map in one of the locations episodes. Like in another part of New York.

The game is fun but I think it's lacking the replaying, I don't think this game will keep players interested for long, a horde/wave mode will 100% help the game last for longer.

2: Cosmetics are a big part in gaming these days, as we already know the devs have already added a gold camo onto the pre-order bonus DLC. I would like to see some cosmetic items in the game, including clothes and weapon skins. These can be bought with real money or working really hard in-game.

3: Upcoming content SHOULD 100% BE FREE all episodes should be free, adding paid content will be really annoying and unfun. I paid £32 for this game I don't expect a few missions and an online mode that isn't that popular. Most money can be made with cosmetics if you make your game have more replaying in it.

Sorry for spelling mistakes, I have not looked over it.

Anyway, the devs have done a good job so far, they just need to get all these bugs fixed!
Good job to Saber.