Too many players in casual firefight

This game is perfectly suited to 5v5 firefight.

I propose completely getting rid of casual firefight and renaming competitive to simply ''Firefight'' and keep it ranked.

This would require better balancing mechanics and substitute players to be put into the game when someone leaves.

It would be simple, smooth, and cater to exactly what this game has to offer.

This would
1- Most importantly this would help the problem of splitting the player base.

2-Highlight the games strongest points. (small team tactical gameplay)

3-Create demand for quality firefight dedicated maps that have been beta tested by the players.

4-Create an environment that you are able to simply jump into but at the same time get a great competitive experience

5-Keep players invested because they want to rank up ( rank based unlocks for example)

All that is needed is a single very strong game mode that showcases what the game has to offer and keep that the main focus.

Right now it feels like Insurgency: Sandstorm can't decide what it wants to be.