World War Z - PC Hotfix April 20th

Hi everyone,

We're happy to release a hotfix on PC for World War Z today. It should fix the most urgent issues reported by players since release earlier this week. Please find the patch notes below.

Thank you so much for the massive amount of feedback and reports posted on social networks and in this forum. We continue to work on them for future updates and improvements.

World War Z - PC Hotfix April 20th

  • Fixed crash on game launch, reported by some AMD users.
  • Fixed a large number of connectivity, matchmaking and party system issues.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay bugs that caused inability to progress on levels.
  • Fixed texture corruption on Vulkan in some cases.
  • Improved Vulkan performance.
  • Improved Vulkan stability.
  • Partially fixed sound stutter issues.
  • Fixed issue with some friends not being visible in a friend list.
  • Fixed freeze on typing “<” in chat.
  • Reduced AI bot efficiency on lower difficulty levels.
  • Improved Slasher base perk.
    • With full stamina Slasher deals damage to 2 zombies in 1 melee swing.
    • With low stamina Slasher deals damage 1 zombie in 1 melee swing, plus his melee is not slowed down.
  • Slasher
    • Added “start with an improved chainsaw” perk on level 17
    • Shock Therapy perk moved to level 21, replacing the perk Executioner II
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My game still chrashes on launch here is my dump file0_1555758510806_CrashDump.dmp

game still crashing0_1555758660999_Screenshot (4).png

Still doesn't fix the crash on startup issue.

alt text

It crashes nice fix -.- i buyed the game on thuesday and can not play. I will not wait much longer.

Few issues and another crash that appears to have possibly submitted this time using the crash dump log.

The good: performance on Ultra was good, no issues there. zombies and everything seemed to work. Triggers for events worked, nothing stood out as odd. People said they could hear my voice chat but I never heard anyone else, and since it's a team game ofc hardly anyone uses team chat or talks to each other. The negative, least bad to worst:

Explosions from the Grenade Launcher (possibly others) creates a small smoke cloud similar to a bullet impact but no other incendiary or explosive effects. I tried this after messing with graphical settings (I'm on Ultra) and still no dice.

Are the HL2 looking explosive barrels supposed to be explodable like the smaller red gas containers? Because they're not.

I crashed while in lobby waiting for players once the few I was playing with dropped out after two rounds, not sure if they crashed or not.

Almost forgot about this, there's a run of system related text at the bottom permanently which I think may be unintended? If not then disregard:

We're getting there, but I'll try again and if this crash is a regular thing I might still need to call it quits for good here guys. Since the error report submitted it didn't give me the opportunity to click the link to the dump report, and I'm not sure where to find it so couldn't post one. I'm assuming since it worked maybe you have it? We'll see.

Bottom line though TBH I don't have it in me to wait another 3 - 5 days with all the other co-op games out there working if the crashes are still a regular thing.

hey i am nvidia user and my game crash, you say Fixed crash on game launch, reported by some AMD users. are you okey ??

"Reduced AI bot efficiency on lower difficulty levels." Did they made some changes to "Insane" difficulty AIs too?? The AI now idle most of the time and didn't even shoot the zombies, they get down often now making me fail the chapter/episode alot. I'm trying to farm the offline campaign for xp. It was doing just fine before the patch, now i can't finish the chapter/episode at all.

Still No Friends invite box after update. Now after this new update WWZ is worse, 'lost connection' at times loading into a map in co-op. Jitters during game at points and dissapearing and reappearing suddenly reappearing next to team leader (I assume) with no notification or timer previous to doing so. I am also getting 'Connection to WWZ servers failed'. I have an i7-6700k 16 gig dram and a 4mb radeon rx480.


I still can not connect since Thursday pleaze help me

Honestly, very disappointed in the guys at Saber Interactive. You claim to fix all these issues but from the sound of things none of them are actually fixed. Yesterday you stated that the PC update would take until the evening but it came out literally two hours ago.

The wait wasn't even worth it as the game is still broken, I've pre-ordered a game which apparently didn't even go through testing... the reason for all these issues are probably switching to Epic Games the last second.

I'm lost for words, I'm disappointed and frustrated, This is probably one of the worst releases I've ever seen. The gameplay is there (if people can actually open the game without crashing) and it's overall fun but the game is missing the key feature for PC. Playing with friends still isn't fixed.

This is embarrassing, I think Saber Interactive should apologize for these past horrible few days.
I honestly don't think I can come to buy another one of your games after this unless you pull your weight.

EDIT: Something else I wanted to add, they legit took hours to 'test' the PC version of the game to make sure these updates actually work. They then release an update that is 3GBs big for Epic Games which fixed nothing major if anything at all. After that everyone has been angry for hours until they finallly make a new post on Twitter saying yet again they're looking into the PC errors. Ridiculous.

Not trying to be mean but I'm just trying to give you some advice,
Anyway thanks for making a cool game, lets hope you can do better in the future.

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@blnkspc Have had no more crashes since still weird lack of explosion effect and odd text at bottom.

One thing I think game needs drastically for those of us not on with a party (since my gaming pals refunded) is ability to start a solo lobby and keep ownership without starting the game first and waiting with the bots. There's a lot of non-english speaking players which makes teamwork hard and whenever I try and start a lobby it instead sends me to theirs (which they are leader of) with bots and I have to keep quitting and restarting to get a game to start from: the beginning and also make sure it's with players that I can communicate with because otherwise it forces me to play with them even if they only speak Mandarin or etc. This language barrier might be doable in a game with a better visual emote system but not this one.

@niroski This is also true though, this was a very, very bad launch and we as consumers who spent money on what is essentially a pre-release product advertised as retail ready deserve an apology on top of obviously further timely support.

After update 3GB Still Crashing!

My VGA Card is NVIDIA.

I have try tutorials disable IGP or something about graphics still not working 😑

(0_1555762941360_FIX2.JPG image url)

@niroski Same, the first time I was disappointed with the developer and the first time I also used Epic Games Store. (Which is no review menu)

being a programmer myself i know it does not take 3 days to fix a friends list bug unless your inexperienced, its kinda sad i'm really ashamed and feel i wasted my time with this game i haven't been able to play because whats the point if i can't invite the friends i want to play with this game is a total waste at the moment. anyone thinking of buying it should avoid by all costs.

still crashing for me. nvidia user

Hey guys, I found a solution!

The game crashes on NVIDIA systems because it trys to load amd Vulkan drivers at start. There is an AMD tool which cleans your system from the obsolete files. Worked for me!

I dont see why so many people complain and say they didnt actually fix the crash issues? They never said they fixed them all, just a large number of them. Game is like what... 4 days old? Paste your dump file and move on.

I say: Good job, love the game! I hope to see more levels eventually, more traps, more guns, more procedural?

I still can't see my friends list. I thought this was supposed to fix it. What happened?