Hi! I am an addict to this game, I really enjoy it for its combat system, but I have no idea how damage works, which kind of takes a big part of the pleasure away for me, as I find it boring to just be hitting buttons. I want to be making most out of the combat system 🙂

Could you please shed some light on it? It will certainly do things a lot more enjoyable, hopefully not just for me, but other players as well.

My ultimate goal is to know which weapon stats are best for each type of enemy and how to perform attacks that take advantage of these specific stats. Please, note that I'm referring to weapon statistics, NOT weapon types.

I understand that armored parts receive less damage than unarmored ones, but other than that, I have no idea how damage works and how weapon stats should be compared between weapons. Here are some questions that can hopefully be answered!

  1. How does each type of damage work exactly? I'm talking about the elemental/crush/slash/thrust stats. Can you give an example of the benefits for a high value in each damage type?
  2. Are the different types of damage (elemental, slash, crush, impact) applied automatically with every hit, or each kind of move/combo does specific type(s) of damage only?
  3. How can you tell to which types of damage each enemy or body part is resistant to or weak against? For instance, I suspect robots are resistant to slash damage, but weak against electrical damage. Are armored body parts resistant to slash/elemental damage as well?
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