Funny PvP suggestion

I am always entertained by my character reanimating as a Zeke in PvP, it's nice to see it as opposed to it being suggested in similar games.
I think it would be pretty interesting and fun to play as this zombie after being killed in PvP or even watch it go about on a rampage a little longer (although I like the fast respawns too!). It could be limited to melee only (relatively unlikely or very difficult to get a kill with) and possibly only be a feature of a particular/new mode in multiplayer perhaps? "Reanimation DM" or "Team Undeath Match" 😆

Rather nice I admit !

Hey @DystopianRain
It's noted 😃 thank you for the suggestion, I will send it right away!

Nice idea and everytime you kill as a zombie it does not count as a kill instead it drops the score of the any team you kill by 1 per since as a zombie you are not affiliated to any team any longer. This could be another mode

@xeonotrix yeah sounds good. I’ve noticed the turned zombies take about 3-5 hits/shots so they’re pretty sturdy but weak damage alone. They could also make zombie kills count since it’s not going to be an easy feat at all, particularly an unarmed zombie vs armed enemies. Getting a kill as a zombie could then be a cool achievement to earn.

I like this too. Would it be interesting to have that when you die, you become 1 of the "special" zombies? If you choose a smaller character, which I tend to do, you become a stalker. If you choose a medium sized character, maybe a hazmat/screamer. And if you choose a larger character, you become a Bull.

Obviously you wouldn't suddenly put on a riot suit, or a hazard suit. But maybe you have green haze emitting from you. Or you walk slower and stompier as a Bull? Obvious creepers crawl.

I don't think you should earn anything from this, however, it would be fun. And you get to cause problems for your enemies.

This could be a potential test for doing Zombies vs People PVP.