XP issue

I'm playing on xbox one s and I'm not getting XP for neither the ARK-103 nor the Kervis V10. I'm also having the opposite problem of getting XP for guns I didn't use that chapter such as the crossbow, HW416, Geist 17MP, and S890.

i can confirm on ps4 me trying to do pistol trophy cant because it saying i use another gun in chapter / and im getting xp for gun i haven't use. Really buggy

I had the same problem. You have to equip the normal version of the guns, not the gold. Close the game & restart it, then you should get XP for the advanced smg & assault rifle.

It feels like you gain the xp for that gun, the next round, press select to see your current equipped gun and see if your gaining xp, zombie kills give 1 xp and special zombies give around 11