Option to further increase music volume.

Self explanatory feature, I feel like the music is way too quiet a lot of the time because all the other sound in the game (Gunshots, explosions, character voices) usually drowns it out completely and it's too hard for me to hear it. I'd like to be able to turn it up higher then it already is cause I do love the music in this game. I noticed the music auto-tunes itself down by a pretty big margin whenever a survivor is talking too, and the survivors talk very frequently, so that drowns out the music even more because of it auto-toning itself down on such a frequent basis, if that could also be changed a bit so the amount of music volume it tones down is lesser then it currently does, that'd be very nice. Probably a minor complaint but I thought I'd share it.

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Hey @B-Va,

Thank you for the feedback. I'll forward it to the team!