My Suggestions for PvP improvements

Hey guys! I've been really enjoying this game since I purchased it a few days ago, but I'm finding the PvP aspect of this game very intolerable due to many reasons.

Menu Issues
There's a huge amount of QoL changes that could be made to the menu system that would very nice.

  • Allow us to edit our class while searching and in the Pre-game lobby for PvP matches.

  • Allow us to change class and character before the game starts. After you choose a character and class, but before the game actually launches, you currently cannot make any changes. Therefore, if you misclick or simply just change your mind, you are out of luck.

  • Show the Team and Player list in-between and before matches. Currently, it only shows you the player list before a full game is found and once there's a total of 8 players, the team list goes away. This is a small issue but would be a nice QoL change if changed.

  • Allow us to edit our settings while in menus other than the Main Menu. Sometimes I'd like to quickly edit a setting without leaving matchmaking, but it is currently not possible.

Gameplay Mechanics
This is where most of my gripes with the games current state come from. At the moment, it is almost not bearable and simply not fun due to a vast amount of reasons.

  • Player Acceleration is too fast! I cannot stress this issue enough. I come with a lot of experience with a lot of competitive shooters. Currently LEM in CSGO, Platinum in R6: Siege, a lot of playtime in PUBG/ Fortnite/ etc etc.. With player acceleration being this fast combined with the bullet travel time and fairly high recoil/weapon bullet spread, it feels nearly impossible to shoot at players accurately. Players can just "A"-"D" jiggle and make themselves an extremely hard to hit target while they maintain their accuracy. It becomes even tougher if your opponent hip fires and uses this tactic, as they can move even faster (albeit, with lower accuracy). This results in firefights that can last through multiple magazines of ammunition, which is just not fun. I think there are a few potential fixes to this issue.

          1. Reduce the overall movement acceleration and speed
          2. Reduce the amount of bullet spread for most weapons
          3. Make weapons hit scan instead of having bullet travel

I believe that the best way to make PvP more playable would be a combination of numbers 1 and 2. I really enjoy the game having bullet travel and bullet drop so I don't really want number 3 to be implemented, but it could be a way to make the shooting feel better if necessary.

  • Differentiate Look Sensitivity from Aim sensitivity with KB+Mouse on PC. At the moment there is only one setting for aiming sensitivity, which is very frustrating. A 5 sensitivity for me feels nice for my aim sens, but a 4 sensitivity feels much better for when I'm aiming down sights. The problem is that I cannot change the two. Adding a decimal value and potentially a "scoped" sensitivity would be a great addition as well.

  • Allow us to change our class (and character) mid-match. At the moment you are stuck with using whichever character and class you chose before the match even started. This sometimes leads to very frustrating games when someone happens to pick a class that counters yours, or if you just get bored of the weapon you are using.

  • Fix Spawns! I've already had countless times where I either spawn directly in front on an enemy or vice versa. This issue seems especially prevalent on domination. Some of the maps feel pretty unbalanced on certain game modes as well, but that's a larger fish to fry.

I haven't personally run into many bugs in my time playing which is very nice.

  • I was not able to leave the pre-game lobby after I finished a match, which resulted in me having to leave once the game started which put my team at a huge disadvantage.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this! I really do believe that the PvP in this game has potential once these major issues are dealt with.

Hello @Penguinsanez,

Thank you for taking time to give us some suggestions for PvP improvements! I'll pass the list on to the team, and see what can be done in the future!

@penguinsanez said in My Suggestions for PvP improvements:

  1. Make weapons hit scan instead of having bullet travel

I would much rather bullet travel over hit scan, as in a sniper vs pistol or assault rifle, the sniper would hit first, now why I like this so much is because it's more realistic over hit scan, because of this, snipers actually have a split second to dodge the incoming fire unlike with hit scan. If a sniper gets a shot off on hit scan and the person sends a shot back, that could be it for the sniper if the sniper misses all the time, like me.

I would personally rather bullet travel over hit scan in any Shooter game, always have and always will.

I played a few matches in Multiplayer mode. I'm totally not interested in this game mode due to bellow issues:

  1. Network code, seems to work great for Co-Op, but massive lags and issues with hitting enemies in Multiplayer mode.

  2. No anti-cheat. I think everyone at this point knows that 'trusted client architecture' games ported to PC are plagued with cheaters.
    Also cheating is getting a big business these days, and every new game without anti-cheat is alike a tasty snack for cheat makers.

I think I played with at least 1 cheater in my short adventure with Multiplayer in this game.
He got Heavy weapons almost instantly. I couldn't hit him due to lags, but he could him me no problems. Usually lags works both ways especially if a game has P2P network code.