Game is stuck in "OFFLINE", can't connect.

I had no problems playing multiplayer yesterday, but today I've been trying to play some multiplayer for hours now, and the game just will not connect to the servers anymore. It is stuck on "Connecting..." - it never times out, nor does it give me any other error messages or details on what is going on. I checked my firewall and everything looks fine. I checked process monitor and found the game is indeed sending UDP traffic back and fourth (screenshot attached) with no errors, I even checked windows event logs, and nothing. I have a stable internet connection, and can't seem to isolate the issue because there just isn't enough data to indicate what kind of networking problem it is.

Is there any way to run this game in "verbose" mode or something, or does it have any log files I can share? I really wish I knew what was happening, other than "Connecting..." for infinity.

I've attached a screenshot composite to show you what I'm seeing:

Same issue on my end. I was playing a 1v1 skirmish, after the match ended my loading screen hung and I couldn't get back to any other menu. After force quitting and reloading the game, I now can't connect to servers and my profile information is unavailable. I verified my game files and restarted my computer, repaired via EAC, restarted steam, even reinstalled the game, but still I'm unable to connect to servers. I was just about to start playing ranked matches so this is very worrying.

Screenshots below.

1_1555875770079_BFGA2 can't connect.jpg 0_1555875770079_BFGA2 offline mode.jpg

I have uninstalled and re-installed the game.

I am having the same problem, currently my copy of the game will not let me connect to the online servers. I cannot play multiplayer. I have been unable to play the multiplayer for about 3 days now. 😞

Developers please help, as my computers skills are pretty low.

Same issue, rebooted, checked cache files, happened after a game about 3 days ago. Was 15 IN and 85 ish overall grinding my way up, oh well, guess that is the season for me 😞 . All other games working fine, and it seems to load the game without issues.

Hello dev ????

Before to make a 12.99€ expansion for Chaos, maybe you could at least answer to YOUR CLIENTS about major problems like here !

These dudes cannot play multiplayer again AT ALL, and i have same issue since 2 days, see the screenshots below they posted.
We cannot connect to servers, we are OFFLINE. And i saw other people complaining about this problem on this forum.

For me, trouble started with a freeze after a skirmish against IA. Impossible to come back to menu, i was forced to close the game through windows. Since, i'm disconnected.

I reinstalled the game, i verified the cache, i checked the launching options, i deleted the game.ini etc etc... Even on one another computer, it didn't work.

Nothing work excpet IA skirmishes.

I cannot understand how you can have so much gold in your hands, a game so great that it could be able to join the major Esport events and just focus about expansions, even if it's good job, and not about the core game, not about all those small bugs that don't need so much work for companies like yours.

Make a list of problems, take some coders and work ! Your game, your work is amazing !

Anyway, please we need assitance for our problem. Thanks for answering.