I've read a few suggestions and and thought how to support the game.

To be honest, don't make dlc free at all.

The game needs a financial support without to go a pay2win way. The Team (devs, social media team, law department, IT-maintence, financial department... ) works on the game to improve and balance the game, they work to earn money, to live... or do you work for free? So there must be a solution, a mix of fair use, without pay2win, without to split the playerbase/community.

1st Option:
DLC combine with a type of buddy pass:
One person buy the dlc and can invite and play together with his friends who don't own the dlc or another people who buyed the dlc aswell.

A DLC could look like:

  • 1 new location with 3 episodes (PVE mode)
  • 4 new characters
  • new trophys (platin?), achievements only for owner of the dlc

A free Update will include:

  • 1 specialization
  • new weapons and skins
  • game update itself ( dlc, bug fixes, game modes... )
  • the last Tokyo episode

2nd Option:
The 2nd option is similar to the 1st option with the only difference that game dlc could be payed by a new currency. So even player can get the dlc by just playing the game and grind for them.
I think about actually 100:25 , 100 Supplies are 25 of the new currency.
A DLC could cost arround 1000 of the new currency (4000 supplies). The numbers aren't final.
To avoid AFK/BRB-Bots what the 2nd option would cause, the game needs an anti afk-bot system or a vote system to kick an afk bot in lobby.

Q: Why don't just put microtransactionson on new weapon's and new skins and make the rest free?
A: I believe it's the wrong way, the first point the most player - I guess - want to play a new location with new episodes, so there are more buyers instead of buyers for new weapon skins. The second point everyone can receive 100 % of the game.
The last point for "new weapon skins" you need to pay real money for it but I prefer to like pay real money for new quality maps instead of just new weapon skins.

Q: Why are you so afraid of "pay2win" ?
A: Some people think this game is just a PVE game but this game had a PVP mode (PvPvZ) as well. When now a dlc would approuch with an overpowered specialization you can choose, it would be unfair for the default player and would split the community. A lot of companies does this thing and got it never balanched. We (the most player) buyed this game on release, so if I want extra things like new missions and episodes on the same quality like all the other things of the game, I have to pay for it...