Infinite Load times

I've been playing this game a couple days without any issues on PC. But now the game just never loads anything. It takes approximately 10 minutes to load anything (not exaggerating). First it takes 10 minutes to load the lobby. Then it take 10 minutes to join a game. Then it takes 10 minutes to load the exit screen, which at that point you may as well just give up. I've tried verifying the game, as well as uninstalling and re-installing. After re-installation, it loaded quickly until I completed my first round and got to the result's screen infinite load. Then it went back to never loading anything again. It's really making the game unplayable. Any idea what's going on?

Hello @Zilego,

Thank you for reporting this. Which region are you in? Do you play with cable Internet or Wifi, please?

I'm in the United States east coast region. I plug into a wifi access point on gigabit fiber internet. I've managed to get around the issues by restarting the whole computer when the issues crop up. That seems to reset something and does the trick.

There was another user who had this same problem and fixed it the same way you did. This should be very helpful information for the DEVS.

Thank you @Zilego and @REHZIX84. I'll share this information with the devs.