Weapon progression suggestion

So currently the gun upgrades is very odd, I have literally every single gun maxed (including the damn crossbow) and I only have 2 guns in the maxed section to buy before I can get that achievement. My suggestion for gun upgrades would be to make it more linear. You need to buy the first upgrade before you can buy the next, but there are multiple upgrades on the gun and each level you unlock? Unlocks more upgrades.


Ark 103 assault rifle.

Attachment Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Barrel +accuracy ++accuracy +++acc

Sight +ability to zoom

Magazine +5 +10

Etc. attachment requires a certain level to buy and you need to buy each upgrade sequentially.
Each gun can have 10 levels, and for all players that have heir guns at level 5, give them a refund on any purchased weapons and make them start on level 5 for their gun, and they can buy whatever attachments are on that gun. There’s endless amounts of attachments you could have.
You could have 5 different tiers of barrels and maybe the 4th and 5th barrel each have their own unique buff, one increases damage whereas the other increases penetration.

A maxed out scope could have the ability to zoom in but it acts like a sniper scope, reducing your overall peripheral vision, players would have the choice to use other scope if they don’t want the bonus of being able to zoom in.

Having more freedom to customize a gun will greatly increase a players motivation to grind for an attachment as well as cater to all types of players/ class abilities. The first class has an ability that adds 5% of your stock ammo to your magazine for each headshot you make, players may opt for a magazine attachment that holds more ammo, and better zoomed in sight to be more accurate. Or if the player chooses the ability that allows for 50% longer shotgun range, they may opt for a barrel that does more damage than one that extends its range.

Anyway my point is, I’m level 127 already, I’ve got every gun unlocked, and it’s much faster to max out guns than it is all the classes, there’s huge opportunity that is wasted that could keep players interest with the game for much longer if the gun progression was changed. I know I would love this feature and so would many other people. But I know there are other priorities right now like games crashing or losing data, just hope devs will keep this in mind, I’m sure they discussed this, and probably ran out of time so they changed it to a simpler version just for now.


I prefer it to be non-leaner. I think more of the weapon upgrades as weapon modifications, which one may suite more certain play style than another.
Also having the ability to unlock the modification you want with out the need to unlock all previous ones makes game less grindy.
Not everyone likes to grind 60 hours to get all the weapons modification they like or need.
Most people play games like this casually and not competitively.
Having to earn $1000 and getting a mod you want is great, also skipping some minor updates allows for more flexibility for ones play style.

@deadlock_ literally only takes 30 hours to max out every single gun, and within that 30 hours you’ll have enough to buy one of every maxed gun, there’s literally no point in having upgrades 2-4, it does nothing at all. And each variant is only different by a tiny bit, maxed out sniper rifle, one does more penetration, the other has more ammo, that’s it. It’s too simplistic, even class upgrades give us 3 choices per level, why not do the same with the guns.