Ability to play a full chapter with increased exp gains

So a suggestion for a new playlist, the ability to play an entire chapter, and gain bonus xp upon completing all 3 chapters. (Or 2 Cus of Tokyo chapter). At the start you’ll join a lobby with 3 other players, and whatever class you choose, you’ll be stuck with it for the rest of the 3 chapters. And difficulty cannot be changed either, and whatever your health or status was at the end of chapter 1 will go on to chapter 2, etc.

As easy and normal you’ll have 3 restarts if everyone dies (2 on Tokyo), on hard you’ll have 2 restarts in total, and very hard you’ll have 1, and insane you’ll have no restarts. And exp will be gained only at the very end of all 3 chapters or if you fail. If you complete all 3 chapters you’ll get bonus exp.
Easy 1.1x +200 for each restart you have left
Normal 1.2x+ 200 for each restart you have left
Hard 1.3x + 200 for each restart you have left
Very hard 1.4+ 200 for each restart you have left
Insane 1.5x

Example exp if played on a 3 part chapter.

Easy: [(750)3+1200]1.1= 3795
Normal: [(1000)3+1200]1.2=5040
Hard: [(1750)3+1200]1.3= 8385
Very hard: [(2000)3+1200]1.4= 10,080
Insane: [(2500)3+1200]1.5= 13,050

Note: I don’t actually know the exp gain from easy and normal and hard Cus I never play them, so they might be more or less.

Note 2: the 1200 is from the bonus exp when you complete a map.

If you fail the map you’ll gain a reduced bonus, say at the very end of part 2(very hard mode as example), you’ll gain, (2000+400+1500) 1.2(rather than 1.3)= 5070.

Only difference between this mode and a regular playthrough of each part in a chapter is...

  1. your health stays the same between each section
  2. bonus exp
  3. you can’t change difficulty or classes

If a player leaves during the full chapter play through, they do not gain any exp, and no players can join in progress (to prevent people from joining in last minute to gain the exp)

You basically ask to clone 'Left 4 Dead 2' behaviour. Meh
I like the game as is.

@deadlock_ 1) having to be kicked back out onto the main page every time and waiting for the one guy that never ready’s up is time consuming.

  1. this games basically a clone of l4d, but it’s got its own style to it, and playing a full chapter all at once already seems like something that should’ve been in the game. You forget the story, I had I play the first chapter a few times before I realized what the story even was. And cmon, you beat the map by escaping on a boat, twice, and the other 2 is by helicopter. That is such a left 4 dead thing already, why stop.

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