Possible improved damage system.

Guys, I was looking at one of the screenshots and there is something I don't seem understand.


These icons seem like the damage system would be localized between different parts of the vehicle!? Could it be? but it says "Functions" so... what's that supposed to mean? Like you could brake different parts of the truck deppending of what kind of damage it received. (sort of BeamNG.Drive)

Would be fantastic if they do that and in order to repair a, let's say, deflated tire, you'd have to purchase a spare one from the store at the town and take it to your garage (or wherever your truck is) in your pickup truck.
I mean, havin some sort of stock that you can purchase and transport from the local store to your garage to fix any broken piece you may have.

Of course, when you first start the game you won't have a garage of your own and you will have to visit the local workshop (or tow your vehicle there) and pay extra for the workforce. 😃

I hope your assumption is correct lol

damage system that is portrayed here would be perfect for MR2

Youtube Video

visually speaking tho, i dont think u can do that with licensed vehicles, but that would be cool as well

i think this system will go perfect with upgradable parts, lets say ur front bumper is shit on ur western-star and u do some missions, gather money and buy new stronger one which takes less damage upon impact. that would actually work

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Let's say that one universal "health-bar" is a bit oversimplification and leaves room for improvements 🙂
Those different icons suggest, that there will be something new in gameplay, but damage system is just one of possible explanations. We already know that there will be some modification/upgrade system for example. In this case, bigger tank, grippier tires, stronger engine, faster AT gearbox and...in-vain caffeine for driver 😃

@sodoma hahahha I love how you interpreted the las icon!

@zamal mmm, I think I've seen lisenced vehicles get damaged in other games in the past... I'll have check tho.

Most (or at least the ones on my mind) racing sims have licensed cars with damage models.

@lombra @deathcoreboy1 on certain level devs can damage them but not as brutally as in this video

Amazing observation! Thx a lot! I also hope you are right!

@deathcoreboy1 said in Possible improved damage system.:

@sodoma hahahha I love how you interpreted the las icon!

I hope it will be "suspension is damaged"

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@Stazco Yeah, looking at it now, seems like the functions from the advanced menu but focusing on a more detailed damage system, like:

2-Repair Damaged Tire
3-Repair Damaged Engine
4-Repair Damaged Transmission
5-Repair Damaged Suspension.

So probably, instead of having an overall "Damage Points" system, trucks will have damage points for each one of these categories and utility addons will have different capabilities depending on the ammount of points for each category they can carry. Hopefully, these points will represent Spare Parts (at least for the wheels) that you will have to buy at the local store 😃

If such way is implemented, then, for example, equipping your truck with a "Spare Wheel" addon, will only enable you to repair a truck that has a damaged wheel, and so on.

@zamal @Unster @Sodoma what do you think about it?

@deathcoreboy1 literally nothing have changed since my last post here 🙂
I hope that you are right, but I see no evidences for it

@deathcoreboy1 Hard to say. It's all speculation at this point. But a more detailed & categorized damage system would be nice. It is kind of silly after all, though I'm used to it, that in MR1 you can repair a flooded engine with a spare tire.

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I was reading some old @Pavel posts and found one saying that the damage system is one of the main priorities for their team, along with more destructible objects etc. So there is hope!


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@deathcoreboy1 I am all-in for hope, there is only one thing that troubles me: "Im sure we will have changes to the damage system in patches..." being said in 2017, obviously wasn't delivered.