After playing World War Z I wanted to figure out the lore that takes place in the game and how much it took from the film and the book of the same name. Its clear to me that the devs used both media's to tell their version of the zombie war. But I want to figure out the timeline of events in the game since the episode goes out of order. From the book, Max Brooks explained that the war lasted for 12 years and that many countries deal with the zombies in different way. For example the "redeker plan" where different governments made fake shelters for survivor so they can distract the zombies. I want to know if the devs will go use "redeker plan" in the game or it does not exist in this universe? I'm ok if the devs don't want to spoil anything and will let us put the pieces together ourselves.
Thats why I made this thread so people who are interested of this game can have a discussion of the lore