Insane needs a bit of tweaking?

I understand that when you play on insane the enemies will hit harder etc but then you get to the end of say the first level and you now need to collect like double the crates of lower difficulties is abit to much, Also when playing online on insane you seem to almost have non stop waves where soon as one wave ends you step one pace forward and next wave starts but by then you are out of ammo so i just feel like it needs some adjusting.

Community Manager

Hello @Sweghostingit
Thank you for the feedback! I will notify the team and pass your feedback to them right away.
Have a great one!

Nah, I think it's fine as it is now because of 2 reasons:

  1. Insane is supposed to be hard.
  2. Insane is made for people with higher levels: high lvl = weapons with silencers = attract less zombies = completly normal.

go easy mode and play with 3 bots as a medic on insane. Bots never run out of ammo and will not shoot you

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