love it so far but have few ideas

so far the game runs really well here. nvidia user with amd cpu....havent crashed once since i play this game! my computer isnt exactly new and strong (gtx 780 and amd fx-8150 cpu and only 8gb ram) but the game runs really well on high settings! the only things that id like to add is like many people say; PRIVATE LOBBIES! and that the current content is short and while i know you will be adding more content in the future, i still would like to ask you to please release a developers kit for WWZ! cause one of the things that made me play L4D 1 and 2 for so long was the fact that there was a seemingly endless amount of new missions/maps/mods/weapons to download which were all made by the community! PLEASE consider this. it would be amazing to have a one day huge community database to download new missions for this game. but so far i love the game and i think it has quite alot of potential to become even much more awesome than it already is! cheers guys

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