npc seeing through smoke needs to go

npc seeing me through smoke and accurate ripping and handing me a new one needs to go

I have the impression that the Bots don´t really can see through the smoke but exactly hear where the player is and open fire in that direction.
May be i am wrong but i had it several times that bots didn´t locate my position whenever i didn´t move.
They can locate the players walking noises even under extreme loud circumstances like a hovering helicopter over their heads or heavy full auto gun fire.

In such situations i cannot even understand the talking teammates ( VoIP ), forget the walking noises of any characters in the game
( Bots sometimes don´t even make any walking noise when they rush inside a room although it´s super quiet ! )

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the flash bangs are worse, they have no effect at all on the bots apart from them talk reacting to it, the bots can see you through smoke even with no movement and gas mask on

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Personally, being killed by bots which cannot see me is my favourite feature.

Just posting my own experience with bots, smoke and flashbangs here:-

  1. Bots are almost blind in smoke. You could walk straight past them and they wouldn't notice.
  2. Bots do however hear you coughing and communicate your last known position. This means that if you don't put on the gas mask (causing you to cough), sprint or otherwise make noise, the bots will hear you and shoot in that direction.
  3. My experience has been that flashbangs are a great way to blind bots when breaching. Throwing a flashbang is a virtual guarantee that bots won't be able to shoot back when you enter the area, provided of course that the flashbang affected them.

@gsg_9_lightning My experience with bots and smoke has been seemingly really random. Sometimes they seem to be completely oblivious to my presence, other times I get mowed down with ease by bots I can't even see. I'd never made a connection to noise, but it makes sense. Maybe it's not as random as I thought. I'll need to pay attention to this now.

Hello all,

Bots can’t see through smoke, but they are aware of the last place they saw you. They’ll sometimes continue to fire at that last location if you exposed yourself before you dropped the smoke.