Map idea for mudrunner 2 "RUSSIAN SWAMP"

First of all hello everyone, i wanted to share one of my ideas for map that could be realized in MR2, thought of this idea of map called Swamp, which was made specifically to use tracked vehicles and basically around of that concept


for example there was port town on west side that needed supplying with lumber so then it could be either used or shipped off to other land, in the middle there was very deep swamp and on the east side lush forest with difficult terrain. so thats the objective on map.

iv made this concept long ago but never executed in map editor, since there were no stable tracked vehicles neither blockpost mechanics nor swamp physics for it. there it is...


keep in mind lots of things could be changed here and improved.

so continue with swamp, it was so deep basic trucks with tires couldnt cross, not even E-7310 and E-7429, so it required crazy engineered tracked vehicle with lifted cabin like THIS ONE to travel through swamp. iv seen other variants of that truck that could be used in this scenario.

check thsi here:

alt text

after u did successfully traversed swamp, u would get into scout and unlock watchpoints and find different 6x6 and 8x8 alongside with fuel station, after uv cleared whole map u would pick up trees from log kiosk and deliver them to east side of swamp, where u last left ur Swamp Truck, load logs with crane on Swamp Truck, which would then overcome SWAMP somehow again and get load on the west side, and then u would have to unload and deliver logs on rest of the trip to lumber mill with 4x6 road truck or 6x6 ur choice, cause Swamp Truck wasnt allowed in town to roam around on tarmac (since it was too dangerous and would cause damage to surroundings), just like blockpost works in game but only for Swamp Truck in this occasion.

u could do this for 2, 8point lumber mills and thats it ur finished.

but this is obviously just a concept, it could be designed properly with more thought put into it to have more challenging material than just swamp, for example forest could be filled with dangerous muddy roads, rivers and be vertically diverse which we didnt have quite a taste of in vanilla mudrunner, u could make so that forest on it self could be threat to 6x6/8x8 and its journey to picking up load.

u could also have scavenge points in forest instead of log kiosk that could be fun.

as i said before, at this moment mudrunner doesnt have a proper swamp physics, which could make it difficult for 6x6s and 8x8s to travel through it and neither supports tracked vehicles that, could be used on such map. all the mods of tracked trucks iv seen are buggy and break game after 15-20 min playtime

i just thought original ideas for maps like this would be fun to explore in MR2 cause maps wev gotten so far with dlcs in MR1 were pretty boring, both valley and ridge were pretty 5/10 for me if im being honest.

lets hope something like this will be executed by devs.

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@zamal On which platforum are you playing MR?

If you have a PC don´t wait ---> Ural --> Swamp Map

But i prefere this Monster

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@alpscruiser yeah but those mods crush game and are huge mess, and thsi map iv tried already and is too plain. not diverse.

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They really let crash your game? For me it´s working.
Just search for other Swamp Maps there are tons of it, or just play on the official Map "Deluge".