World War Z - Server maintenance 25/04/2019

Hello, Survivors!

In order to manage the infrastructure reconfiguration of our services as well as deploy multiple fixes, a one-hour server maintenance is planned on April 25 at 11am CEST / 2am PDT / 10am BST / 5am EDT / 5pm HKT / 6pm JST.

The purpose of this maintenance is to reconfigure infrastructure to be able in the future to update most of the services with zero-downtime, and deploy fixes. During the maintenance, all services will be unavailable. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can still use p2p to play, while PC players will not be able to play.

You can find the release notes below.

  • Fixes in dedicated server autoscale scheduler
  • Fixes and additional diagnostics in User Heartbeat service (required to investigate further some of the disconnection issues)
  • Corrected handling of the errors/timeouts from PSN service
  • Fixed errors in Matchmaking

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your support is very much appreciated.

[Edited] 25/04/2019

Unfortunately one of our services encountered an issue after our update, so we're investigating a fix right now. Servers should be back in 20-30 minutes!

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What about are levels coming back? I dont want to start over plz

... surely there are more important matters than the servers, been waiting 8 days to invite a friend to my lobby.

I wonder if the errors will actually get fixed this time or it will be another 3GB update that fixes nothing major.

Hopefully the major updates are coming soon.

i do hope they release some fixes for the game soon aswell! i don't use it, but i feel like the basics of atleast being able to invite friends would be nice to have added... it's currently a 4man co'op game without the possibility of playing with friends.. 😣

i would love to see some level restrictions on the harder difficulties aswell! i am honestly tired AF from being shot with the explosive bow on insane>.<, would love it if you could choose to queue up with people the same level as you! or atleast experienced people! it sucks being stuck with a bunch of people that has no idea what friendly fire is...

I've been disconnected a few times just before end of level, really annoying.
I hope tomorrow's maintenance will fix this.

Fixes in dedicated server autoscale scheduler

Fixed errors in Matchmaking

Are either of these going to make it possible for private lobbies?

please 21:9 ultrawide 😞 long wait...

I have recommended the game to a couple of buddies in hopes of slaying zombies together. Unfortunately, we all share the issue of not being able to invite one another or join each others party and its really annoying. Serious issue that needs to be quickly fixed. Hopefully its on you all's to do list. (PC)

@chaton said in World War Z - Server maintenance 25/04/2019:

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can still use p2p to play, while PC players will not be able to play.

We can play p2p???

ill hope u fix the problem that players with the same IP can play together....

There's already aimbotters on the pvp servers. Are you guy's going to implement an anticheat system?

Invite only so I can finally play with just ONE other friend and no randoms joining ruining the experience?

hope we can get some graphic optimization on Tokyo cos my fps went down a lot in that map

@lazer Yea i don't even know why people cheat on this game

@babepotato There will always be those that value 'winning' above everything else. These people may as well take $35 and flush it down the toilet and then tell all their internet buddies how awesome they are at GAME X because they are really just cheating themselves.

well the game still crashes just done the last level for the 2nd time where me and the team just stand near the boat and slay the zombies for about 10mins mainly just to get my weapon XP up then as we got on the boat and the mission ended it crashed this happen yesterday after i got in from work and now today after work the same repeat please sort this issues out

FRIENDS LIST NEEDS FIXING STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hope that major updates are coming soon.

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