What is this mud mod?

Does anyone know what mud mod is used here??
Youtube Video

Probably his own that he has 'borrowed' from someone else and added a ton of garish saturation in photoshop. This guy essembles mods by other people and then uploads them as his own with no credits to the op. He used to be quite prevelent for Spintires on steam but the mods kept getting taken down as they were reported by people, I would imagine the original mod makers or fans of said mods. Some of them are still there, but most are gone. You can probably find stuff he's done on STmods.ru. If you check his channel you'll see what else hes been up to.

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I mean, the guy might be a jackass but the mud looks better that the original. Probaly needs a bit of polishing but the color is better and it has the much needed "wet shine".

@deathcoreboy1 Exactly. Mud on wheels also looks much better than these "chunks" in unmodded game.
This only shows that a mudrunner could look much better if more attention was given to it..

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@knight25 It still clips through the K-700 fenders though. It's probably the same mud chunks, maybe with a different texture. I can't really tell from the video. This guy obviously likes OP mods. There's no way that A-3152 would tow that with its default specs. Otherwise the mud looks good, but how it performs is more important.


Dont know what it's all about...but here is the file

@knight25 everyone i know (PC) just deletes that mud chunk file. wheel still get dirty, just no unsightly "chunks" sticking to the wheels and clipping through fenders and stuff, but i know some people want that extra little stuff also.

(PC) delete the "env_mud_particales" file from your meshes cache zip.

Well, I just copied the "mud" related textures because I really do not like the overlays used for the soil path and the vegetations, and ended up with something like this which I consider is better than the original. Will probably saturate a little bit more the texture and add some red to it. Dunno, what are your thought guys?


Ohh, thanks a lot @ewgenij84

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Hey...yeah...not bad..I mean it's not hard that it looks better...couse the original ones are really bad... like the chunks... I dont delete them...I have just better textures for them... if u got it done..u could share them...i would try them out

No problem....

@ewgenij84 Actually I stopped using it because it didn't blend to well in certain areas. If you're intrested, I'll DM a link to the mud textures only and lwt you know how to install them. I wont post it here since I do not own the mod and do not have authoriazation from the autor to publish or reupload them whatsoever.