PC specs?

MR2 is still a ways off, but since part of the game was playable at the What's Next Event, i am curious as to what the Max/Min PC specs might be. seems as though there would be some sort of idea on how much higher the specs will be compared to MR1 since the game was running and being played. i am sure i am not the only one here curious about this also and would like to know sooner than later, if "lower end" PCs now can run it. 🤔

By the higher render distance (judging by the pictures they released) would be higher then mudrunner 1 obviously, but yea I'm keen to see what spec of pc can run it

It would be nice to know but I'm not worried. I think if your PC is capable of smoothly running recent 3D games (released in the past 5 years) you should be fine.

I'd say if your PC is as strong or stronger then a base model XBOX ONE (which I assume most gaming rigs are), you should be good.

Nobody's mentioned the Switch, but all reports are claiming PC, PS4 and XBOX. Any game that runs on Pro or the XOX must also run on the normal PS4 or XOS. Since the XOS is the absolute weakest hardware that's been reported so far, if you can match or exceed that, I imagine you'll be fine.