SLI-Support out of fashion?

Dear developers,

please give us SLI-Support for this game already. I have two Titan X (Maxwell) in my pc. When i use a custom SLI Profile, i can watch my framerate double and get both nice visuals and framerate. However, the stability is miserable as the game will just crash at random moments.

Is there anyone who has found out a stable sli profile for this game?

Hello @Grzz-ly,

Thank you for this feedback. It'll be passed on to the team.

I haven't found one that has resulted in anything substantial. I am running 2x GTX 1070 Ti I disable SLI for this title as SLI gives random crashes and there are micro stutters. There needs to be an SLI profile or some support for the dual card users with the unreal engine this should be a no brainier.