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This may just be me and my expectations for end of missions but what I really feel the game needs is an end of level (episode) boss that hides behind the hordes and needs a tonne of lead to be able to take him/her down. I want to feel the sense of dread when I see that big bad zed appear and you need your A game as well as some awesome human team mates.

Be great to hear what the community feels 👍🏻

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I disagree with this. That would ruin game immersion. I really like it is more close to World War Z movie than to Left 4 Dead 2.

There are plenty of games with bosses. Why this one needs them too?

Can we have a game that is original in its own way?

The ultimate enemy are Zombies, just like in move. I really like the Final Call battle, and a few other stand points - like the metro in New York.

I really hope Devs won't introduce any bosses. And if they do it should be a separate game mode or some sort of 'mutator'.

I agree with that one!

That's what I think about it...

Would that be canon? Sounds more like a Resident Evil thing to me.

No, game needs no bosses. It just needs to buff the special zekes and there's a new one coming in May as well.

As I posted in other thread, I don't like the idea of addiing to final mission or in fact any bosses in this game.

I played a lot of 'Left 4 Dead 2' and 'The Division 1'. Damage sponge enemies are no fun at all.

And the spooky, horror theme you ask for, with bosses sounds more like Resident Evil, where to be honest every thing goes through.
Last movies from the series have really no sense what so ever. 😃

World War Z is a casual co-op shooter, focused on online play, with theme from the movie from which the original idea for the game come from.

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