An unfortunate request to developers

So, I'm not new to online games, been playing them for 15 years. There's one thing that's always been there: the raging assholes who must use every racist/antisemitism/bigoted thing they can think of every game whether they're winning or losing. I was hoping with a smaller player base and normally a very welcoming one with 40K, that maybe I wouldn't ever see it here.

Unfortunately I seemed to be constantly matched vs the one player on this game who will throw the whole playbook of internet troll suggested one-liners at me every game without fail. I assume he does the same to everyone else he fights. Worst of all he's at near the top of the ladder with the simplest faction to play, so I think it's gone to his head a bit.

I'm sure we'll never get banning options or any sort of real penalties, but is there a way/can we have the option to turn off the chat so I don't have to listen to the nurgle's rot spewing from the 5-year old over the internet who's apparently fornicated with everyone's mother in existence?

The court is asking for names!
It's unfortunate what happend to you but I am really surprise. I played a lot recently and I am glad to see most of the time fair play.
So I am a little confused about your experience feed back :o

LOL Toxicity is in every game. especially in the 40k community. But a mute option would be pretty useful.

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