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Well, that bit is just down to a lack of source clarification. As far as I can tell, it isnt really explained how they get so far ahead of the Hive Fleet, and the tonnage compared to escort drones... well, escort drones don't have a set tonnage, they are all different.

So if I claimed to know what gets traded away I would be lying.
For me the very concept doesn't make sense, since it contradicts the apparent importance of the Narvhals and the fact that most drones die outside of synapse. So I guess the Hive mind just invested a lot of biomass into them. But hey, they exist, and I can actually make a somewhat reliable profile of them.

I also considered doing the Rebirth Ship and Krakens as well, but the Rebirth ship has only ever been found in one Splinter fleet, and the Krakens fill the exact same role as the Escort Drones but where adapted as part of Hive Fleet Krakens space-borne forces.

considering how little info there exists on most ships
giving a small mention of all types would be appreciated
unique ships didnt stop you for imperials 😛

@ashardalon There was far more info on Imperial ships, and I could actually find artwork of them, different story for the Tyranids. I decided to just lump them all into one since I saw it as the only way I could do them all without it turning into a tedious chore, and the end result being 5 or 6 profiles with maybe one or two lines each of lore.

I did the same even for Imperial vessels when they got too samey, like the Endeavour/Endurance/Defiant CLs and the Mercury/Long Serpent/Orion BCs. Just so happens there are a lot more ships in the Tyranid roster that I deem too similar and sparse on individual information and media to warrant their own profiles. I having similar problems with the cruisers, they're a bloody nightmare.

@ashardalon said in Ship Profiles: Feedback and Discussion:

guess starvation also doesn't always results in death
so while overly dramatic it is accurate

do the vanguard have less armor or shields then the average escort
the lack on info on how they get ahead of the hive is fine
but the lack of info on the difference in tonnage and armor or maybe even weapons is confusing
they seem to have little downside to their faster arrival
but everything is a tradeoff in nids because every ship is perfectly designed for its purpose

Tyranids are infinitely harder to stat out, for example, Tyranid Cruisers are quite literally described as immature hive ships whose size, mass, etc varies depending on its growth stage. Hive Ships are equally variable ranging from regular battleship sized to 40km+ behemoths and even the theorised moon-sized Hive Ships that haven't been directly observed but the Imperium is certain exists to explain where the oceans etc are siphoned off to.

Tyranid escorts are equally difficult, ranging from little more than mobile ship sized spore mines to mobile guns :p

I'll mock up some Tyranid "genus" profiles for ships and send em to Caliger later on.

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@kadaeux Appreciated. I hate lumping ships together.

that is understandable
maybe some more info on possible weapons, similar to how orks where done
but even that might be too much to ask of nids
having info on them is extremely rare as imps only fight them at max range and those that didnt didnt survive long enough to start writing a report on what they saw

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@ashardalon That was my plan going in, but it quickly became clear that even the Ork's level of variation are better documented (and likely understood) than the Tyranids. And don't get me started on Strike Craft, no class names are even mentioned, they just have 'Attack organisms'... What am I meant to do with that?!

Included another guest profile, Thanks to @Kadaeux for that, Admech are the next fleet I'll be doing.

Quick update, I've been struck by nurgle's rot and am seriously lacking motivation to do more ship profiles while I battle this disease, so expect a fairly long delay until the next round of profiles comes out.

@caliger_reborn that sucks. Hopefully you recover soon, I was constantly sick when younger and definitely did not enjoy the experience.

Since I'll be done with the AdMech fairly soon, I'm gonna put this here for people to fill in in the mean time. Do bare in mind a couple of them only have a few ship designs and very little lore.

Finally got round to doing the AdMech Cruiser edits.
Will probably be done with the AdMech later today, thanks to a contribution by @Grey-Seer on the Ark Mechanicus.

That means all the major factions will be done, so please take to the strawpoll above for what you want next. I want as many entries as possible, and Ive been delaying for more votes: so please, feel free speak up.

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With the release date looming, and by this point it being common knowledge we will be receiving plenty of new ships, some of them never seen before; I have amendments to make to my ship lists.

So. Public service announcement, I guess, since they'll naturally be done a bit differently as there is no foundation for some of these ships.

  • I'll work on them after the game is released and I've had plenty of time to play with the new stuff.

  • Once released, if anyone wants to make any input from in-game experiences/personal stories/fluff theories, all are welcome either via PM or in this thread. Since some of it will be completely from scratch (DE Battleships, I'm looking squarely at you).

Otherwise, expect normal service!

Oh. And in other news, that straw-poll I put up ages ago? I haven't forgotten about it, it just doesn't have enough votes to decide a winner. Right now Rouge Traders and Rak'Gol are tied. hint hint Vote Please. hint hint

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So. The Beta is now officially open. You're all enjoying the game and getting to see the new stuff.
Among them you may have noticed a few ships that never existed prior to this game Cough Dark Eldar Cough, and as such material is... lacking....

But that's were you, lovely people, come in!

I need:

  • Profile Shots

  • Cool Battles

  • RP Fluff

If I am to make some good profiles for all the new ships. Feel free to make new topics, DM me or just post them here; I don't care which but please DON'T POST THEM DIRECTLY INTO THE SHIP PROFILE THREAD.

The best ones will get featured and the applicant will get full credit for it. Have fun people!

Important to not is that in the twitch stream the guys said if we remind them we want it enough they might give us a book with concept art and lore, so that would be helpful. Anyways, in regards to the new ships, two of the necron ships were official but never publicized really (Reaper/kopesh) the reaper kept changing what it was but the kopesh lore is as follows:
With the arrival of Abbadon's 13th Black Crusade, the news of
the Blackstones' return sent shockwaves of fear and panic
across the galaxy. No one escaped word of their arrival
including the remaining Necron sleepers. Surface and void
assets began awakening in an exponentially quickening pace,
with ancient monolithic structures rising from the sterile
earth of previously dead worlds and new stars sliding across
the black sea's endless depths, bursting forth from the
shadowed canyons of asteroid belts and kelp patches of gas
Four weeks into the campaign, mixed reports of Necron naval
strikes were reported, of which one caught the eye of
Inquisitor Castitas Opinari of the Ordos Xenos. It was a
debriefing statement made by Al-Ra'nath, a basilisk loader of
the Tallern 82nd Division who was in transit at the time to
Malin Prime in the Agrippina Sector, aboard the Dictator
We had just come out of the maelstrom, perhaps for 4 or 5
minutes when off to the port a trio of stars seemed to
shimmer far in the darkness. At the time I had thought little
of it, yet not sixty seconds had passed before they were upon
us. Screeching through the silence, the three pinpricks of
light formed into the sleek vessels that would forever be
scorched into my memory. As they cut a path between the
ships of our convoy, they fired as one into a single ship of His
Imperial Navy. The vessels shield bubble managed to fend off
a few solid blows from the chains of light, but then it
suddenly burst. Through the wisps of the released energies,
great arcs of electricity tore into the cruiser, tearing a gash of
scorched and twisted metal across the hull. So deep was the
rend that one could see into the very bowels of the vessel, the
ejected crew and debris backlit by Malin Prime's white globe.
So sudden and concentrated the blow came, the ship's prow
simply changed direction to the rest of the vessel, buckling at
the seams, sending vaporous gasses and armour shards
flinging into the void. Within moments the front fourth of
ship simply tore off from the rest of the vessel,
spiraling down out of sight from the view port.
The three enemy vessels had not even altered
their direction, continuing on a course that
would take them out of the system and into the
inky blackness of space. So swift and brutal the
attack came, it reminded me of the execution of
a heretic I saw as a young boy. For going against
the Holy One, he was beheaded with the
executioner's khopesh. A sudden gleam of light,
a flicker of motion, a splash of crimson and the
deed was done.
KHOPESH CLASS LIGHT HARVESTER.....................................................................180 points
5+ save
6 (Reactive)
Gauss Particle Whip
Lightning Arc
A mid-liner between the Shroud and the Scythe,
it bridges the gap between the two ships while
not filling in any particular fleet gaps EXCEPT the
lone lack of a true "hunter" Necron light cruiser,
or rather, a Light Cruiser designed for the front
lines, independent of support vessels that would otherwise
baby-sit it. An interesting side note is, when used at 180
points, three Khopesh working together put out nearly as
much firepower as 2 Scythe. To compare, at 540 points, 3
Khopesh have 16 batteries, 6 lances, and 6 teleport attacks,
while, at 550 points, 2 Scythe put out 16 batteries, 8 lances, 6
teleport attacks, AND 2 SPG. The Khopesh also allows Necron
fleets to, sanely, engage in cruiser clash scenarios where there
is a 200 point cap on capital ship points, as well as to be a
little more 'raideresque' in lower point games, where the
typical Scythe is replaced with the cheaper Khopesh. Also,
because of its obvious weapon similarities to a Scythe, it can
be attached to a Scythe squadron to give decent
complimentary firepower. It really fits into its own, however,
as an escort vessel to a Shroud, where it can run interference
for the lighter cruiser, both absorbing and returning fire
slightly more effectively then what the Shroud could do on its

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