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Since I'm nearly done with the necrons, and there are so many people here suddenly, any preferences moving forward?
I'm thinking Tyranids or AdMech.

@kadaeux It does explain that, but in a hilariously incompetently manner. Apparently, they never bothered to fire them at the walls until the overlord took the field. Yes I'm being serious that's actually the reason the imperials lasted that long. And for the Next batch, tyranids sounds best. They have an interesting fleet structure.



would love to hear your take on the space ship sized barbed stranglers
they appear in most novels talking about nids in space but from what i have heard they dont exist in the TT

I'll repeat it here in case anyone missed the note, but now I've posted a guest profile by @Nemesor-Xanxas, I've kind of opened the floodgates... If anyone has a specific ship they want to do a profile on, send me a PM. But please, for the love of whatever heretical god you pledge to, don't post onto the topic directly.

@caliger_reborn Thanks for trusting me with that by the way...but geh, it seemed a lot better when I wrote it! Hopefully it was up to your standards.

@nemesor-xanxas It was lengthy and, I made 3 drafts with varying degrees of my writing and the original mixed in, but I decided to stick with the original since its not much of a 'guest profile' if more than 50% of it was my work.

Its good, btw, Im happy enough to post it.

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@caliger_reborn I appreciate that. Cairn's are the most detailed of ships we've seen, so there is just so much more on them than other Necron vessels and I wasn't quite sure what to keep. How do you think it was quality wise?

@nemesor-xanxas Dont worry about it, its up to standard, its just a little bit longer winded than if I would have written it.

For future advice I tend to follow this template:

Stats (If there are non, make an educated guess)
Should Include the size, weapons and acceleration of the vessel at bare minimum if you can get that information. If not, its not the end of the world, but as much detail as possible here is preferable.

Just talk about its proposed role, what the ship is meant to do (what it actually does if it doesn't do that), and a general reputation.

Lore exert/scenario
I like to include at least one demonstration of what a vessel has done or is capable of doing, but I don't recommend including more than one or the profile gets very, very, very long with some ships.

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@caliger_reborn Thanks! You could probably tell but I was rather worried about its quality. I apreciate how quickly it got hammered out at the end. Anyways, now that we know everyone is getting new ships, will you later add them to the profiles? It might be hard to translate mechanics into lore.

@nemesor-xanxas Difficulty with sources and translation errors hasn't stopped me yet.

@caliger_reborn True. Or the wonderful "consistency" of 40k novels and writers. "but muh 15km cruisers"

@nemesor-xanxas Or those old novels with pathetic 2km 'Battleships'.

@caliger_reborn or Tetrajoule turbolasers. Not terajoule, tetra. As in 4.

@nemesor-xanxas Or the fact that a Neurotronium shell apparently produces 16 Yottajoules of power per shot, which is 3 times more powerful than the entirety of the power output of a neutron star, which the same book describes as a weapon that shoots 'mini' neutron stars...

Geedubs and BlackLivery are marvellously crap.

@caliger_reborn They hired ward, supported cruddnace, praised kelly and published goto. Nothing more really needs to be said on them (laughs in bloodtide).

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Which reminds me, on the other side of the spectrum we have this
(apologies for the double post)

what do the vanguard drones sacrifice compared to the other escorts to achieve the faster arrival
what are some of the main differences beyond the faster arrival when comparing it to regular escorts

also, claiming a dead narwal equals slow starvation is a bit much, sure the hive would be stuck and forced back into hibernation until it can complete growing a new narwall
it will definitely cost the hive but mostly it will cost it time
tyranids can reduce energy consumption to ridiculous degrees, some ships will remain active as scouts and patrols and those will starve but that is just a few (well a lot but for nids a few) escorts
the hive will recover without much loss
hive fleets have been traveling to the galaxy of 40k for (it is believed) close to 10k years so a few decades of waiting isnt going to kill them

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@ashardalon Because its from the point of view of the Imperium, and the tyranids are a rather recent threat, so I purposely overstate some things and understate others.
So the Vangaurds are a mystery, losing Narvhals seems to hurt them, and Tyranid ships can starve.

I did a similar thing for the Necrons as well, I could have gone into more detail and made it seem like a much bigger mis-match if I approached it neutrally.

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guess starvation also doesn't always results in death
so while overly dramatic it is accurate

do the vanguard have less armor or shields then the average escort
the lack on info on how they get ahead of the hive is fine
but the lack of info on the difference in tonnage and armor or maybe even weapons is confusing
they seem to have little downside to their faster arrival
but everything is a tradeoff in nids because every ship is perfectly designed for its purpose