sorry for my english i am from russia

I apologize for not writing there. Make the physics of machines as in GTA 4 and the truck driver’s view of the car as in the game and more weather conditions that could somehow influence the gameplay and not lose the atmosphere of 1 Mudrunner

Actually, GTA IV Physics are no better than MR. I guess you mean "Detailed interiors" which is pretty much confirmed and weather is left to be seen, but I really hope they implement it.

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I always thought GTA physics were more of a caricature of driving...


GTA IV actually had a pretty good suspension model in terms of articulation and travel, which made it pretty decent for rock crawling and such.

The rest of the GTA's have had pretty lame physics, particularly GTA V that has the worst yet.

Yea I don't want GTA4 physics. I don't need my semi trucks taking 3 city blocks to come to a stop after breaking, or to have a insane wide turning circle, or to even lean like 20-30 degrees just by making a right or left turn. Sure vehicles should of some lean making a turn, but GTA4 was utterly ridiculous.

While physics in Mudrunner aren't perfect either, I rather have that then GTA4 physics. I'd rather have just about any half-decent driving games physics then to have GTA4 physics.

@вова Hi mate, nice to see a russian guy post in here as well, not just the russian section 🙂

Not sure what you mean by make physics like gta, i think someone also mentioned that the engine is good, the results are more a consequence of heavy slow trucks in mud rather than fast cars on tarmac.

Agree with you though on more weather conditions and an improved cockpit view, but I believe these have already been mentioned since the beginning of time and are likely to be included in MR2.

We can only hope 😉