Respawn system in arcade mode,optimization server/client code,CONSOLE for net/client/server options.

Hello Dear developers

  1. Respawn system in arcade pvp mode should imroved- fixed, local zone without swap sides- closed for enemy fire or with 3-5 sec fire protected- without random respawn places.

  2. Better attention for NET CODE optimization and add more perfomance to server/client side -

Hit registration should to improve for players with high ping or double nat lan configuration. Player movements must be more accurate and smooth also, or their movements can be customized manual by players- using network interpolation options in console.

3)WE are need console guys- for tweak net-server/client side for better conditions and situations- high load servers, different routes to server and etc.

Without console- like without hands)))

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Hey @kiberman545,

Thank you for this feedback. I'll pass it on to the team!