About Domination Cap Point Map Placement

A gentlemen by the name of Azarune ingame gave me this idea while we were playing. Don't worry, I'm not salty and I won that match 😛

I'm fine with the domination game mode, but I think the algorithm or whatever can use a bit of tweaking on where it places the capture points.

Is it possible to sort of "hard lock" 2 points on the north side of the map, 2 points on the south side of the map, and 1 point in the middle band of the map? After that, I don't mind some randomization as that keeps things fresh on maps. I think it would help keep the situation a little more even instead of feeling like you won/lost on map load sometimes.

It is already like that, 2 VP on "your" side of map, 2 on enemy side and 1 on middle but the position inside the "band" is random so it can be near deploy area or near middle "band".

The randomness is also the position between left and right, thats why sometimes all 5 VPs are on same side or enemy have 2 VP near each other while yours are on each sides.

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it would have been fun if the players could set one VP for their side with the last VP being always in the centre of the map.

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