Not gaining an exp for Weapons

Not getting any Weapon Exp since the Update yesterday,

You need to buy the upgrade first to be able to get exp for the next level. Example, level 2 sniper rifle, you need to buy the second tier sniper rifle first, and then the third, then fourth

nah, before update was gaining exp on it, before buying the last upgrade,
but now it doesnt get exp even if level 4 weapon is already bought, stuck on lv4 Combat Shotgun and lv4 Assault Shotgun

@craydia and @KiDdYoNe

It's like @JmanTheBoss said. Weapon upgrade behaviour was changed in 'last' patch.

I tested it myself with the crossbow. After upgrading weapon's EXP started to count again and I'm at MAX weapon level now. Although I think displaying 0XP is misleading, it would be better if game would display 'UPGRADE REQUIRED' instead of 0XP.

@chaton said in World War Z - First Bug Fix Update:


You will now only gain XP toward weapon upgrades if you have purchased the prior upgrade for that weapon, i.e. level two must be purchased to be able to gain XP toward level 3.

omg are you serious?
It had been a frustrating couple days on why I couldn't level my gun.

Way to go Dev, please grey out or something the gun. Don't tell me I have 0 exp!