Loosing ranking everyday even if not playing


I noticed that I was loosing points every night. Like a quater of a bar. While I do not play.
Why so much every days ?

I think the visual "rank bar" is basically tied to your rank on the ladder board. so as people surpass you on the ladder board, your bar will decrease accordingly. It probably also takes in the fact of position within the division as well so if I'm at top of the epic division but then fall to the last place in that division, my rank bar will show no progress.

So for the 3 times I am demote to epique from legend because I didnt play much.
My rank bar look like this :

alt text

After 11 wins a row, didnt progress or going back to legend. It's boring really.

Iirc Legend is based on a %age of the population, so yeah you're probably topped out in Epic atm and you're trying to beat your head on those few in Legend.