what happened to more frequent and smaller updates

You guys did say you were going to push more frequent and smaller updates

whats happened to that NWI

as the bug list grows so does the frustration

My guess is that they're working on adding some much needed new content, such as new guns, modes and maps.

We got an entire month of bug fixes; and while they're nice, you can't just work on those and ignore new content altogether.

@cool_lad While I'm all down for more content, I feel like bug fixing should be done in smaller patches and not a few large ones, especially considering that the big patches will most likely have bugs of their own.

@MarksmanMax true, but working on 2 different patches at a time is a logistical nightmare. So the team would likely work on 1 patch at a time.

Now, I think that we're long overdue for some new content, and that's likely what the team is working on, hence the long gap of over a month.

Though I do hope the new patch comes soon, since the game is in desperate need of fresh content.

Hello everyone!

I invite you to read our latest article explaining our future update and the community survey results. https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/38719/insurgency-sandstorm-community-feedback-results

great to read another bulletin about what your planning to do, and great someone is responding to forum posts.

but honestly show us what you have actually managed to do, in the month since the last patch?

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@chaton Possibly some kind of ETA? I don't even care if it ends up being completely off; I just want some kind of idea as to when we can expect the new content.

I'm really anticipating some sort of theater file for us to make modifications to the Community Servers. It would address a lot of ongoing criticism across the message boards and breathe new life into the game while we wait for everything else.

Insurgency Source's theater file allowed us to change recoil values, bullet damage, coop and AI item loadout, molotov damage values (to address Intercontinental Ballistic Molotovs, which existed in the Source version, too!), add Primary/Secondary/Explosive slots, move primary SMGs to Secondary slots...

@k0872 - I would rather they work on the game than a power point presentation.

People kill me... “Who cares if the games broken we want new maps and guns that will probably be broken or break the game even more”... I get people are getting tired but it really hasn’t been that long of a wait for new content there’s worse cases of this. Then aside from that people want them to focus all their efforts on new maps and weapons etc.. So when they are released the game including the new content is still unbalanced and buggy AF! I’ll just sit here and continue to scratch the shit outta my head...

Ahaha perfect example just almost died from completely invisible fire on the ground but don’t fuckin fix that add new maps... Deeeeerpppp

Teammates and enemies still skating around on ice skates (STILL) but add new maps plz...