public server limit 8ppl

why? you can´t even fill out the basic given roles ...

Should be able to do full teams. I don't know why they would limit it at all.


Indeed, there's player limit in official servers.

Checkpoint (Co-op) is 8 players
Push (PVP) is 28 players
Skirmish (PVP) is 32 players
Firefight (PVP) is 16 players
Competitive firefight is 10 players
Team Death Match is 24 players

However, you can modify this limit on community servers. Once the XP is implemented, you'll be able to get unlocks as well.

@chaton I know there´s a player limit to 8 on official coop servers; the question is why? this does not allow to build a team with all roles, hence it does not foster team play ...

@chaton He's talking about only being able to play with a team of 8 friends. If it's 14 vs 14 then you should be able to fill the whole 14 team. Like the op said you can't even fill all the special roles so 8 makes absolutely no sense.

Why put the cap at 8?

Hello everyone!

We designed the mode to be playable with 8 players, essentially. This has been something we had in the original Insurgency too. We tested at various player amounts but found that 8 players fit best for the amount of enemy bots we wanted, the frequency of counter-attacks, the frequency “second chances” when almost all of your team dies, etc. Just the overall pace of the mode and gameplay we were going for we found worked best with 8.

That’s for Coop, Checkpoint specifically. And it attends to our reasoning behind the other modes too. Basically, we set player limits to what we feel plays best for that particular mode on our maps and our target goal in terms of pace. Secondarily, we also take optimization into account.

@chaton still doesn´t work out for me, i.e. I am missing coherence regarding the roles´ diversification and numbers and the limit. after all, you could put the limit to any number as it is pretty much playable with any number of players as well ...