[IMPROVEMENT] Upgrades for Heavy Weapons and Equipment.

I think it would be cool to have some upgrades for Equipment and Heavy Weapons.
Especially with reworked weapon XP progress that requires to buy previous upgrade before you can get the next one.

Upgrades could be small so they wouldn't unbalance the game or even some could be only cosmetics.


Hailstorm MGL (revolver grenade luncher)

LVL 1 Tier upgrade
Improved explosive compound.
+5% to number of killed targets.

LVL 2 Tier upgrade
Extended magazine.
+2 grenades

LVL 3 Tier upgrade
Highly explosive grenade rounds.
+15% to splash damage


LVL 5.
Some custom skin for the heavy weapon.
Could be obtained after getting 2000 kills with Hailstorm MGL or something like that.

Stim Pistol
LVL 1 Tier upgrade
Optimized injection mechanism.
+10% health boost time

LVL 2 Tier upgrade
Bigger dose.
+10% to health boost

LVL 3 Tier upgrade
Mixed compound vaccine.
+3 seconds masking effect.


After 2000 Stim pistol uses
Some custom skin.

Skins are a waste of time (this isn't COD), but it wouldn't be a bad idea to add levelling for heavy weapons and equipment.

I like my Lobo pack (golden guns), though I chose to play with upgraded versions.

You may not like the skins for weapons, but a lot of us like them. I think I saw a feature request to allow select Lobo skin independently of upgrade somewhere here on the forums.

Anyway, it would be cool to have a way to distinguish yourself among the crowd that you are a proficient Medic or something.

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Id agree with everything but the stim pistol, heavy weapons could use some small upgrades, especially the chainsaw, maybe longer range, or wider arc when swinging. And skins be nice, gimmie a gold rocket launcher