New Titans and other goodies for Skalgrim Mod


So Im working on the next version of the Skalgrim Mod and besides balancing and adaptation to the latest "massive battle" update Im also including some new ships.

My goal is to have three different Titans for Imperials (not counting the Macragges Honour and the Phalanx) one for each faction.

The Victus Imperialis for Imperial Navy (Done)
(Gloriana class modified Macragges Honour with more lances, fewer strike craft bays)

The Eternal Crusader for Adeptus Astartes (Done)
(Gloriana class geared for close combat)

The Speranza for Adeptus Mechanicus (Done)
(Glass cannon with ancient weapons of great destructive power)

Beyond this Im aiming for including one new Chaos Titan and one new Eldar Titan or Battle Ship. I have not started tinkering with these, yet but its a work in progress as with everything.

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Maybe you get this a lot, but you sir are a hero. All this sounds and looks Badass.


Here we have the Victus Imperialis class Battleship. It replaces the Lunar cruiser. Also, its brutal as hell. Half the amount of Launch bays, lots of Dakka Dakka goodness.


The last one of the imperial Titan ships is the Speranza. It fills a role inbetween a Ark Mechanicus and a classic "Titan", but still packs a punch and is much faster than other ships its size.

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Looks pretty awesome!

Question, I have noticed that the imperial battleships are missing several turrets along the dorsal spine, would that be something that could be done, or a thought for the future?

@neighbor-kid Which ships? These three ships all have turrets. The first two have a total of 6 turrets each.

The Apocalypse does have 2 and not 3 turrets. It can get its missing turret back, but I don't think we can add any more than 3.

@imperator Hmm, I might add another turret then to the Speranza. Might test that out for later tonight.

Update: Im about 90% done with the 1.2 version of the mod now.

On the model in TT and the images given to us in the rule book I count 4 turrets on top of the retribution if IIRC.

Though noticing how you are mashing models together (which is awesome) I was wondering if it were possible to say create a space marine battle cruiser. Since the SM ships look very similar across the board to each other, would throwing another set of broadside cannons be something on a strike cruiser possible? I'm not asking you to do it, I'm just asking if it was possible. To get my idea as clearly across as it sounds..

Basic strike cruiser has 4 macro cannons per broadside, is the center section that contains the macros something that could be either doubled by adding in a complete second set which would lengthen the ship, or is something like that not doable? Just wonder looking at the admech unit you've created it looks like the mix of the IN apoc and the Ark. Fascinating really.

@neighbor-kid Its not possible. What I have to work with is the "body" of a ship that can then have other slots added to it at mostly hardcoded places. What I can and cannot add is ... well its not really clear cut. Sometimes I can add certain weapons or parts to certain ship-bodys, sometimes I cannot. Sometimes weapons do not work, other times they do. Its a jumbled mess of "try, die, try again". So for instance the Speranza uses a Imperial Navy body that should be able to use three turrets. Then I added the Ark Mechanicus prow to that body. Now, for some reason, the third turret (while viable to place weapons on - altough hidden in the prow) will no longer function.

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Gotcha. Yea i was just wondering how far can modding the models actually go. You've made some awesome progress. Perhaps in the future things will be a bit more moddable.

@skalgrim-fellaxe said in New Titans and other goodies for Skalgrim Mod:

@neighbor-kid Sometimes I can add certain weapons or parts to certain ship-bodys, sometimes I cannot. Sometimes weapons do not work, other times they do.

I've had these problems when trying to add weapons to the Ancient One. All of it's weapon sockets are inside it's hull, and projectile weapons refused to fire from there. Torpedoes, claws and tentacles worked fine tho.

In theory, if you have a ship with big prow (Gloriana-class), it's possible to put additional prows inside, so ship would have multiple torpedo launchers.

Also, have you tried using Gloriana hull with Admech deck? It might look cool, if it works.

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Guess it really comes down to the model and how moddable the model is.