My level is gone!

So i bought a new PC and I installed WWZ in it. When i start my game i realize all the things are reset. My level and skills are all gone ! What is the problem? Please help I grind so hard for my hundred level and skills.

Your level is stored locally I think, you prob have to get the save file and bring it over to the new computer. I’m not PC so I can’t confirm but I remember seeing something like that on the FAQ

One of my co-op buddies has the same issue.
After patch 1.05 got reverted back to 1.04 he lost all his progress.

I myself don't get any EXP from my gun!

I tried contacting the dev for help but they haven't posted my thread yet.


The save files on PC are located here: %AppData%\Local\Saber\WWZ\client\storage