Hi guys, Just recruiting for an upcoming League (Smash Bowl 6 - yes this is the 6th annual season with a lot of carry-over players)

Smash Bowl is run with a dedicated administration team (2 dedicated, 2 players) - providing weekly breakdowns, and some very in-depth stats for your play on the field (an accountant is one of the dedicated admins - hence the awesome stats available)

Season is Round Robin at this point, scheduled to start May 20th - AUS/NZ time zone mainly with no problem accepting outside of that time zone (we do have one UK player for example)

This League is run with an entry fee, so that we can offer cash prizes - yes, CASH prizes!
Currently entry fee is $25 with the potential for a $200 first prize, $100 second prize, $50 third prize, Bowl $50 first prize (Bowl is bottom 6 qualifiers - so even in bottom 6 you are still in the cash running) aaaand finally $50 for whoever gets the most Hall of Fame entries for the duration of the League.

If you want to be part of a good bunch of players, male and female - who just enjoy a bit of on-field biffo and playing a game we all love, with the potential for real cash back for your on-field skills ... then I want to hear from you!

There are only two things you require: Facebook and Discord. Facebook provides the group chat for match scheduling between players, and Discord provides match communication and match alerts for potential viewers, and a way for non players to spectate and participate in the friendly banter. (We do encourage spectating as much as time allows, and will be looking to stream matches in the mid-term)

All stated is subject to change if response is too large, we are prepared to grow - having the mechanisms in place, and are now looking publically for this upcoming season. We need at least 2, so if more than that make it through this process - some of these digits will change (higher prizes, lower entries, etc)

Looking forward to hearing from anyone, message me anytime!