No league progress

Player Volodislav I The Cripple is on line. Have a problem playing on necrons (but no others, maybe cause I am facing low leagues players?): no league progress after wins, but it do move after losses, and then moving to my "stuck" position (will try to somehow record that and use here as another proofs). To prove that (thanks to discord Focusben) recorded a video, which is right here (too big to put it the topic), hope it will be fixed somehow, because playing in rating with no rating change quite unpleasantly. (Excuses for not a really good play, quality of a video and russian language)

In addition, I was thinking about core of this problem. In mi opinion it is related to the bug, which somehow send people to the another league, higher or lower. To prove my words, i got a screenshot, where you can see, that in 2x2 battle ALL 4 people have same league with same progress in it. So, in my opinion, the whole matchmaking system has a problem in balancing people of the same league, so it is (again) somehow send them to other leagues. Volodislav is off line0_1556790500754_09f2e707-1282-46a5-b2ea-479152fa1600-image.png .

This should only be a visual bug.

We will investigate to be sure.

Thank you for your report.

I don't think so, i had some matches with one player, and we got league progres as screenshot shows. But, he also got an achievment for taking epic (i was in it, when we fought) legue, so in my opinion it is not just a visiual bug