World War Z - Post-launch Free Content Roadmap

Wait for everyone wanting a private lobby canโ€™t you just use the offline mode, invite a friend and no one else can join, I could be wrong but looks like that would work since offline mode still allows you to have and be in a party

Doesnt work on pc, only consoles, I am guessing this is an anti-piracy measure and it is screwing over the people who PAID for the game. I have 3 copies myself for me, my GF, and company when we have it. And i talked 2 other friends into buying it but they rarely ever play. so thats 5 copies of the game just from me, and I am sure I am not the only one. I feel like this game has already way exeeded their sales expectations so just give us P2P like console already has so I can play the damned game in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are there any plans for a larger paid content expansion with additional maps, missions, modes etc. or perhaps a sequel? I love the game and want more!

we need 3440 x 1440p RESOLUTION

24th of May and still no sight of the 3rd Tokyo episode...good job lol

Get your shit together and release private lobbies already!! I'm surprised all 2 million players haven't shelved this game already because of your team's incompetence.ย  This game is unplayable because of the overwhelming amount of toxic players!

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I bought the game with a friend, and what a disappointment, we want to play privately. I bought it without knowing that, we're going to leave it unused until it's implemented. I don't understand that it doesn't have that functionality since 1.0.
As REHZIX84 says, it's unplayable right now. For the way we play.

"I bet the players/customers will forget everything about their wishes for private lobbies once they see our awesome new zombie and this amazing new character skin, so lets focus on that first"

  • Sincerely, the logic of World war Z creators ๐Ÿ™‚