Is VI Making a BFGA2 Mod

Question as title, does anyone know the answer to this. And if they are making a Mod any ideas how long till release.

Yes they are (and its massive). No idea.

@cincfleet Yep, working on it, we're getting close to reaching a point where we can ship out the first version; but you're still going to have to be patient. There is still plenty of work to be done.

Thank you, there is no need to rush anything I was just curious is all.

Can you tell us what its gonna be about? Will it be balance/ Content or campaign focused?

@canned_f3tus Balance rework and a whole bunch of additional ships and custom weapons.

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@canned_f3tus Balance rework and a whole bunch of additional ships and custom weapons.

"Heavy Breathing"

@neighbor-kid Ignore the prices and stats, this is an earlier build to test functionality.

alt text

alt text

Still have many more ships to add, whole lot of balance work, and custom weapons that require custom XF still are not done yet. But progress is being made, and adding new ships was the biggest obstetrical to development previously.

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You guys are doing the Emperor's work, may his blessings be upon you👍🏼 👍🏼 .

Yeah those stats are for my internal testing. They do not reflect VI stats, though the armour values are mostly correct.

Oh man, this is good to hear! I just reinstalled BFGA1 with the VI mod. I can't wait to see it for this game.

how is possible to add new ships?i tried to mod it adding a ship to unitstats and unitschema files cant do it.Thanks

Yea how's it possible.

Any plans on adding the Phalanx?

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Any deep modding requires modding the pak file.
Only a couple of players actually know how to do that, it's pretty convoluted.

Are you guys making a mod yet? And maybe there is a discord or something like where you can follow your progress.

The mod is still being made. Phalanx is already in vanilla.

@Imperator I was meaning any plans on adding the Phalanx to that actual campaign and not just a cool thing in the intro. If that is even possible. Also Thanks for you and anyone else who is part of this mods work.