I love this game! for D&D.

First, the game is good. It makes me wish I had bought it on release.

Second, characters and story are great but I have no desire for a sequel.

Third, what I want is for this game to be wrapped in D&D lore. You need a heroic battle system in this game-play without ruining this game-play. You could then make modules. Find the battles.

Try the conversation struggle in quick concession with and without dialogue but resulting in actions and sometimes words. You can even use that unlock that happens but include the surrounding environment as well for special maneuvers. Assuming you have the proper skills, attributes and save rolls.

Imagine this. The first encounter with Emily on the docks is not only a conversation but also a sword fight. They have two fights going on: verbal and physical. The physical is relentless constant choices on the left. The verbal is slower pace choices on the right. Hold left or right button to determine what wheel you are currently choosing from when both are on screen. On top of it. Evade the lantern she throws at you. Highlight and knock over the barrel to stop her charge. Quick, highlight Emily's lips to side step past her thrust and kiss her on the lips.

The end result of her gutting you with a knife, falling in love with you, or you not kissing her at all but chopping off her head depends on all the other decisions you made up to that point, and your skills, traits, etc.

You have that game already. You just have to find the battles. Do it!

Hey @Quid2Facis
Thank you for the feedback. I am happy you enjoyed the game. There is currently no plans in adding battles to this game but you've been heard 🙂
Thank you, have a great day!